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Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra : The “Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra”, in Hungarian “Szaztagú Cinanyzenekar” (100 – head Gypsy Orchestra) is the World’s largest gypsy symphony Orchestra. It has been founded in 1985, when Sándor Járóka, at the time Hungary’s most famous “primas” (gypsy soloist) died

Felpeyu : Felpeyu mainly aims to remake of the Asturian traditional music by following similar trends on current european folk genres. “That is to say, we intend to be an agent in the recovery and authentication of the dignity of Asturian culture. “

Flaco Jimenez : What B.B. King is to the blues, Grammy-winning accordionist Flaco Jimenez is to the world of Tex-Mex Conjunto. Jimenez was universally recognized as a leading exponent of the authentic South Texas Conjunto. While there are many masters of the accordion along the Texas-Mexican border, none have toured Europe, Japan and other points overseas or recorded with as many pop, rock and country artists as Jimenez.

Nancy’s Place For Polkas : One afternoon, Frankie Yankovic got the boys together and cut 32 songs on 16 records. There was no rehearsal or time to fool around, and if they hit a wrong key they kept going. He had Hokavar on bass, Miklavic on banjo, Naglitch on piano and himself on accordion. The sax was never used again. The records were instant hits.

Wikipedia : The spectacle wearer and non-swimmer Erhardt was drafted into the German navy during the Second World War, but only on the third call-up; he served as a pianist in the Marine orchestra and only handled weapons during his basic training.

Kay Kyser : You see, Kay Kyser disappeared from the general public in 1950. Quit. Went home. Never came back. Made his million, then left without even making an announcement. In contrast to his zany character onstage, he was equally as serious off. “As exuberant as he was while performing, at a party you couldn’t get him aroused…” said KK orchestra singer,

Kevin Burke : Jessie Christopherson was giving me Violin lessons and at the same time I was learning about the Fiddle at home from my parents’ record collection and from family friends. Most of the musicians I was hearing at home played ‘by ear’ and Jessie was teaching me to read so, to combine the two skills, we thought it would be a good idea to bring Jessie a few Irish tune books and let her take me through them.

KUD Ostrc Rude : One of the Group’s primary goals is the preservation and further development of the Croatian traditional folklore and folk customs. In order to do that, Folk group Oštrc has organized a unique folklore festival since 1985 (with local and international folklore groups) which has been dedicated to their regional cake known as “Rudarske greblica” (Miners cake).