Portico Quartet – Live/Remix

Live’ catches the band on tour in 2012 and features tracks from last year’s eponymous album, Portico Quartet, as well as new arrangements of old favourites ‘Clipper’ and ‘Dawn Patrol’. ‘Remix’ features mixes of their music by some of the band’s favourite producers and DJs.



Track ListingLIVE1.Window Seat (Portico Quartet) – 4:112.City of Glass (Portico Quartet) – 8:503.Rubidium / Line (Portico Quartet) – 12:574.Ruins (Portico Quartet) – 6:155.Clipper (Portico Quartet) – 7:046.4096 Colours (Portico Quartet) – 6:587.Laker Boo (Portico Quartet) – 10:108.Steepless (Portico Quartet / Cornelia) – 8:079.Dawn Patrol (Portico Quartet) – 8:1610.Dawn Patrol Alt Ending (Portico Quartet) – 4:56 MusiciansDuncan Bellamy – drumsNick Mulvey – HangJack Wyllie – saxophoneMilo Fitzpatrick – contrabassCornelia – vocals on (8)REMIX1.Window Seat (Will Ward Remix) – 3:142.Line (Sbtrkt ‘More Hang’ Mix) – 6:023.Rubidium (Luke Abbott Remix) – 4:554.Laker Boo (DVA’s Hi:Emotions Remix) – 3:465.City of Glass (LV Remix) – 4:476.Steepless (feat.Cornelia) (Capac Remix) – 5:277.4096 Colours (Konx-om-Pax Remix) – 8:218.Laker Boo (Luca Lozano Black and White Remix) – 7:419.Steepless (feat.Cornelia) (PQ Edit)
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The Independent
Whether Portico Quartet ever were a jazz act is debatable, but they certainly don’t sound like one now.

The fundamental point of ‘Live / Remix’ is that it is only ever going to appeal to fans of Portico Quartet’s previous work. The live disc is clearly made up of particularly well performed cuts, and serves its purpose. The remix disc cannot help but feel somewhat underwhelming considering the talent involved, but such is par for the course.

Jazz is almost a dirty word for most young musicians. . The reality is that jazz is as open and inspiring a term as any. Like every other genre, the boundaries are where you place them. And Portico Quartet like to place their boundaries a helluva long way away