Randy Newman’s ’12 Songs’

Randy Newman’s ’12 Songs’ is the second studio album produced by Lenny Waronker and released in April 1970 by Reprise


Track Listing : 1.Have You Seen My Baby? (Randy Newman) – 02:32 . 2.Let’S Burn Down The Cornfield (Randy Newman) – 03:03 . 3.Mama Told Me Not To Come (Randy Newman) – 02:12 . 4.Suzanne (Randy Newman) – 03:15 . 5.Lover’S Prayer (Randy Newman) – 01:55 . 6.Lucinda (Randy Newman) – 02:40 . 7.Underneath The Harlem Moon (Mack Gordon, Harry Revel) – 01:52 . 8.Yellow Man (Randy Newman) – 02:19 . 9.Old Kentucky Home (Randy Newman) – 02:40 . 10.Rosemary (Randy Newman) – 02:08 . 11.If You Need Oil (Randy Newman) – 03:00 . 12.Uncle Bob’S Midnight Blues (Randy Newman) – 02:15

Musicians : Randy Newman – Vocals, Piano . Clarence White – B-Bender Electric Guitar . Ron Elliott – Rhythm Guitar . Ry Cooder – Slide Guitar . Lyle Ritz – Double Bass . Gene Parsons – Drums . Jim Gordon – Drums . Roy Harte – Percussion . Al Mckibbon – Double Bass . Milt Holland – Percussion

Production : Produced By Lenny Waronker Douglas Botnick – Engineer . Lee Herschberg – Engineer

Package : Mid-1969

Recorded In April 1970 At Reprise.

Released On April 5, 1994 By Blue Note Records.

Randy Newman


Robert Christgau
And because his lyrics abjure metaphor and his music recalls commonplaces without repeating them, he can get away with the kind of calculated effects that destroy more straightforward meaning-mongers. […]

Adrian’s Album Reviews
The Piano patterns are hypnotic, there is beautiful ( harpsichord? ) melodies everywhere, very light and pretty. The vocal comes in, It’s sooooo hard, LIVING WITHOUT YOU…… Nothings gonna happen, nothings gonna change – a little brief Spanish thing, more beautifully hypnotic Piano, little child-like melodies. […]

Don Ignacio’s Music Reviews
While I can’t give 12 Songs my heartiest of recommendations, I’m still giving it a mild thumbs up. The good moments are easy to take to heart, and the lyrics are generally so good that I have no problem with calling them sheer poetry. (Although take that with a grain of salt since I never read poetry outside of a literature class.) […]


Randy Newman’s ’12 Songs’