Santana’s ‘Beyond Appearances’

Santana’s ‘Beyond Appearances’ is their thirteenth studio album recorded in California in 1984 and released in February 1985 by Columbia.,


Track Listing : 1.Breaking Out (Alphonso Johnson, Alex Ligertwood) – 04:30 . 2.Written In Sand (Mitchell Froom, Jerry Stahl) – 03:49 . 3.Brotherhood (David Sancious, Carlos Santana, Chester D. Thompson) – 02:26 . 4.Spirit (Alphonso Johnson, Alex Ligertwood, Raul Rekow) – 05:04 . 5.Right Now (Alex Ligertwood, Carlos Santana) – 05:58 . 6.Who Loves You (Carlos Santana, Chester D. Thompson, Orestes Vilato) – 04:06 . 7.I’M The One Who Loves You (Curtis Mayfield) – 03:17 . 8.Say It Again (Val Garay, Steve Goldstein, Anthony Lapeau) – 03:27 . 9.Two Points Of View (Alex Ligertwood, Carlos Santana) – 04:54 . 10.How Long (Robbie Patton) – 04:00 . 11.Touchdown Raiders (Carlos Santana) – 03:08

Musicians : Carlos Santana – Guitar, Acoustic 12-String Guitar, Vocals . Alphonso Johnson – Bass . Chester D. Thompson – Synthesizer, Bass, Keyboards, Organ . David Sancious – Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Guitar . Chester Cortez Thompson – Drums, Bass Pedals . Greg Walker – Lead And Background Vocals . Alex Ligertwood – Rhythm Guitar, Lead And Background Vocals, Harmony . Bryan Garofalo – Bass . Steve Goldstein – Synthesizer, Keyboards . Craig Krampf – Drums, Dmx Drum Machine . Armando Peraza – Bongos, Percussion, Shakers, Congas . Orestes Vilato – Bells, Timbales, Percussion, Cymbals, Woodblocks, Vocals . Mitchell Froom – String Synthesizer . Raul Rekow – Chekere, Congas, Shakers, Vocals . David Adelstein – Synthesizer, Dmx Drum Machine, Synthesizer Bass . John Woodhead – Guitar . Anthony Lapeau – Background Vocals . Craig Hull – Guitar . F. Bob Getter – String Bass . Santana – Band

Production : Produced By Val Garay . Richard Bosworth – Engineer . Wayne Lewis – Assistant Engineer . Duane Saykora – Assistant Engineer

Recorded 1984 At Record One, Los Angeles And Plant Studios, Sausalito.

Released In February 1985 By Columbia.



Rolling Stone
It’s hard to blame the band for this debacle, though. In fact, given the talent assembled – keyboardist David Sancious, bassist Alphonso Johnson, drummer Chester Thompson – Santana may have been better off going for a jazz-fusion feel than forcing a pop approach. As it is, Beyond Appearances hardly bears consideration on any level. […]

tallred0 @ RateYourMusic
The best thing about it is the trippy album cover. A couple of good songs, that’s about it. […]

Santana‘s final Hot 100 entry until “Smooth” in 1999 (a remake of Curtis Mayfield’s “I’m The One Who Loves You” hit #102), but this latest pop interpretation of the Santana sound did not endear it to fans, […]


Santana’s ‘Beyond Appearances’


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