Santana’s ‘Festival’

Santana’s ‘Festival’ is their eighth studio album produced by David Rubinson and released in January 1977 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Carnaval (Tom Coster, Carlos Santana) – 02:15 . 2.Let The Children Play (Leon Patillo, Carlos Santana) – 03:28 . 3.Jugando (J. Areasm Carlos Santana) – 02:12 . 4.Give Me Love (Pablo Tellez ) – 04:29 . 5.Verão Vermelho ( Nonato Buzar) – 05:00 . 6.Let The Music Set You Free (Tom Coster, Leon Patillo, David Rubinson, Carlos Santana) – 03:39 . 7.Revelations (Tom Coster, Carlos Santana) – 04:37 . 8.Reach Up (Tom Coster, Leon Patillo, D. David Rubinson, Carlos Santana) – 05:23 . 9.The River (Leon Patillo, Carlos Santana) – 04:53 . 10.Try A Little Harder (Leon Patillo) – 05:04 . 11.María Caracóles (Traditional) – 04:32

Musicians : Oren Waters – Vocals, Background Vocals . Maxine Willard Waters – Vocals, Background Vocals . Francisco Zavala – Vocals, Background Vocals . Leon Patillo – Keyboards, Percussion, Piano, Vocals, Background Vocals . Tom Coster – Keyboards, Percussion, Synthesizer, Vocals . Pablo Tellez – Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Background Vocals . Paul Jackson – Bass . Gaylord Birch – Drums, Percussion, Tympani . José Chepitó Areas – Conga, Percussion, Timbales . Raul Rekow – Conga, Percussion, Background Vocals . Joel Badie – Percussion, Vocals, Background Vocals . Julia Waters – Background Vocals . Santana – Band

Production : Produced By David Rubinson & Friends, Inc. . Fred Catero – Engineer . David Rubinson – Engineer

Recorded 1976.

Released In January 1977 By Columbia.

(Source The Official Carlos Santana Web Site)



Rolling Stone
Though this record is far stronger on the whole than Amigos, it lacks that album’s memorable chordal quirks and peaks of intensity, sometimes sounding like a prisoner of its own commercial aspirations. […]

skater @ RateYourMusic
This was probably my least favourite Santana record when I first bought it, however listening to it now it is much better than I recall. The music is top notch with DC Santana scorching some guitar work and the rest of the musicians are very good. […]

If any doubt still existed that the group was no longer a band of equals but a platform for its lead guitarist, the current lineup dispelled that; Carlos Santana was now the only original member of the band left. […]


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