‘Santana (III) ‘

‘Santana (III) ‘ is their third (and second self-titled) studio album released in September 1971 in September 1971 by Columbia.


Track listing : 1.Batuka (José Areas, David Brown, Mike Carabello, Greg Rolie, Michael Shrieve) – 03:34 . 2.No One to Depend On (Coke Escovedo, Greg Rolie, Mike Carabello) – 05:31 . 3.Taboo (José Areas, Greg Rolie) – 05:34 . 4.Toussaint L’Overture (José Areas, D. Brown, Mike Carabello, Greg Rolie, Carlos Santana, Michael Shrieve) – 05:57 . 5.Everybody’s Everything (David Brown, Tyrone Moss, Carlos Santana) – 03:33 . 6.Guajira (José Areas, D. Brown, Rico Reyes) – 05:45 . 7.Jungle Strut (Gene Ammons) – 05:23 . 8.Everything’s Coming Our Way (Carlos Santana) – 03:15 . 9.Para los Rumberos (Tito Puente) – 02:51 .

Musicians : Carlos Santana – Guitar, Vocals . Gregg Rolie – Keyboards, Piano, Lead Vocals . Neal Schon – Guitar . David Brown – Bass . Michael Shrieve – Drums, Percussion . José “Chepito” Areas – Percussion, Conga, Timbales, Drums . Mike Carabello – Percussion, Conga, Tambourine, Vocals . Rico Reyes – Percussion, Vocals, Lead Vocals On (6) . Thomas “Coke” Escovedo – Percussion, Vocals . Luis Gasca – Trumpet On (9) . Mario Ochoa – Piano Solo On (6) . Tower Of Power – Horn Section On (8) . Linda Tillery – Background Vocals . Greg Errico – Tambourine .

Production Produced by Santana . John Fiore – Engineer . Glen Kolotkin – Engineer . Mike Larner – Engineer . Vic Anesini – Mastering .

Package : Elizabeth Calleja – Graphic Design . Joan Chase – Design, Photography . Josh Cheuse – Art Direction . Mary Ann Mayer – Design .

Recorded January – July 4, 1971 at Columbia Studios, San Francisco .

Released in September 1971 by Columbia.

(Source The Official Carlos Santana Web Site)

It’s an album that has aged extremely well due to its spare production (by Carlos and the band) and its live sound. This is essential Santana, a record that deserves to be reconsidered in light of its lasting abundance and vision. […]

Rolling Stone
When the band drops down from that high tension wire for a number or for a movement, it usually enters into one of those romantic lyric passages that Anglos have come to associate with syrupy sentimentality. But one man’s sentimentality is another’s pure emotion and Santana really is an emotional band. […]

Way back before Carlos became a Grammy-winning AOR elder-statesman, back even before his adventures in Eastern spirituality, taking the name Devadip and collaborating with Mahavishnu John McLaughlin and Turiya Alice Coltrane, turning out astral jazz-rock masterpieces in praise of the guru Sri Chimnoy—back before all of this, Santana was a band. […]


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