Sonny Rollins starts the recording of ‘What’s New?’ with with Jim Hall et al (1962)

Sonny Rollins ‘ ‘What’s New?’ is an album recorded on April 5, 25 , 26 & May 14, 1962 with Jim Hall, Bob Cranshaw, Ben Riley, Dennis Charles, Frank Charles, Willie Rodriguez and Candido and released the same year by Rca Victor.

Track Listing : 1.If Ever I Would Leave You (Alan Jay Lerner, Frederick Loewe) – 11:58 . 2.Jungoso (Sonny Rollins) – 10:51 . 3.Bluesong (Sonny Rollins) – 04:41 . 4.The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (Buddy Bernier, Jerry Brainin) – 09:08 . 5.Brown Skin Girl (Norman Span) – 06:48

Musicians : Sonny Rollins – Tenor Saxophone . Jim Hall – Guitar On (1 – 4 – 5) . Bob Cranshaw – Bass . Ben Riley – Drums On (1 – 4 – 5) . Dennis Charles – Percussion On (1 – 4 – 5) . Frank Charles – Percussion On (1 – 4 – 5) . Willie Rodriguez – Percussion On (1 – 4 – 5) . Candido – Percussion On (2 – 3)

Production : Produced By George Avakian, Bob Prine, John Snyder Ray Hall – Engineer . Jay Newland – Engineer

Recorded On April 5, 25 , 26 & May 14, 1962 At A Studio In New York City.

Released In 1962 By Rca Victor.

(Source Sonny Rollins ‘ ‘What’s New?’ | The Official Website of the Saxophone Colossus)

Sonny Rollins

In its entirety, this album isn’t completely bossa nova, despite what it says on the cover. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th tracks seem to lend themselves slightly more to other South American sub-genres rather than bossa nova. Of the tracks that are bossa nova, Sonny Rollins doesn’t have a tone that meshes well with the cool, laid-back feel. Instead, his tone comes across more as fat and aggressive here than is necessary. […]

onethink @ RateYourMusic
Five tracks: four solid Sonny Rollins performances and a disaster…but I prefer the disaster. And if I have a problem with Sonny Rollins’ playing that’s probably my problem, not his. Listen to If Ever I Would Leave You or The Night Has a Thousand Eyes: Rollins plays over pleasing Latin rhythms, following his long lines of inspiration and fluidity and logical progression: it’s masterful playing. […]

The highpoint is a lengthy “If Ever I Would Leave You” that is quite exciting. This underrated music is well worth an extensive search. […]


Sonny Rollins ‘ ‘What’s New?’



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