Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Live at Carnegie Hall’

Stevie Ray Vaughan‘s ‘Live at Carnegie Hall’ is a live album recorded on October 4, 1984 with Double Trouble and released on July 29, 1997 by Epic.

Track Listing : 1.Intro (Ken Dashow, John Hammond) – 02:09 . 2.Scuttle Buttin’ (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 2:43 . 3.Testify (Ronald Isley, O’Kelly Isley, Jr., Rudolph Isley) – 05:20 . 4.Love Struck Baby (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 03:05 . 5.Honey Bee (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 03:05 . 6.Cold Shot (Mike Kindred, W. C. Clark) – 04:45 . 7.Letter To My Girlfriend (Eddie Jones) – 03:08 . 8.Dirty Pool (Doyle Bramhall, Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 06:40 . 9.Pride And Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 04:48 . 10.The Things That I Used To Do (Eddie Jones) – 05:26 . 11.C.O.D. (Leo Gooden) – 05:32 . 12.Iced Over (Aka Collins’ Shuffle) (Gwen Collins, Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 05:11 . 13.Lenny (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 07:14 . 14.Rude Mood (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 02:22

Musicians : Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitar, Vocals . Chris Layton – Drums . Tommy Shannon – Bass . Jimmie Vaughan – Guitar . Dr. John – Organ, Piano . George Rains – Drums . Bob Enos – Trumpet . Porky Cohen – Trombone . Rich Lataille – Alto Sax . Greg Piccolo – Tenor Sax . Doug James – Baritone Sax . Angela Strehli – Vocals On (11)

Production : Produced By Stevie Ray Vaughan . Richard Mullen – Engineer . Jeff Powell – Mixer . Bob Ludwig – Mastering . Brian Lee – Mastering

Package : Josh Cheuse – Art Direction . Chuck Pulin – Photography

Recorded On October 4, 1984 At New York City’S Carnegie Hall.

Released On July 29, 1997 By Epic.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan


Drop-D Magazine
There’s also stuff here you haven’t heard before. Joining the trio on stage for the second half of the set are Stevie’s brother Jimmie, Dr. John (the ultimate sideman)and the Roomful Of Blues horn section (the first and only time Stevie added horns). It’s a combination that COOKS […]
The set list, too, would reflect the sense of occasion. “Stevie told me he was gonna play the music of his heroes, the guys who never got to play Carnegie Hall,” Jimmie recalls. […]

There might have been more musicians than usual on-stage, but Stevie Ray remains the center of attentionand he is in prime form here, tearing through a selection of his best-known songs which generally sound tougher in concert than they do in the studio. […]


Stevie Ray Vaughan‘s ‘Live at Carnegie Hall’



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