Sundanese Heritage

Featuring Majalengka . Jaipongan . Srikandi X Mustakaweni . Daun pulus 17 . Ibing Keursu . Gawil . Pajajaran . Tari Dewi . Bubuy Bulan . Jaipongan . Kembang Sunda . Maya Selas . Anklung . Tari Merak Peacock Dance . Manuk Dadali . Jaipongan. Si bungsu Bandung . Kalangkang . Bangbung Hideung . Aan Kurniasih . Sundanese

Tourism Indonesia : Whilst the differing forms of gamelan music may sound rather similar to the inexperienced ear, Sundanese music is usually distinguishable from its Javanese and Balinese cousins by the presence of a clear melody in the foreground

All About Music : Kacapi Parahu is a resonance box of the hole are given below resonance to sound out possible. Hand-side type kacapi were formed so that the boat-like. In the past, this kacapi made directly from the timber bongkahan with memahatnya.

LIMA’S : Traditional ceremonies “mapag calon panganten pameget” (go to meet male bride). The male bride and its familly arrive to the female bride house the day of the wedding contract.

Harsanari : Jaipongan was developed largely by a single individual, Dr. Gugum Gumbira, as a response to the Indonesian government’s ban in 1961 of Western music (specifically rock and roll). Although an urban dance, the dance form is based primarily on village forms of ketuk tilu and on pencak silat, the Indonesian martial arts

Tonggeret on Amazon : Stumbled over this when I was reading *Ode* magazine a year or so ago, and recently decided to buy the cd on a whim. Glad I did. From the first sounds, I was like – whoah – this is different. Sumptuous and erotic – put this on late at night, with some candles, Kush incense, some pillows, and a lover, and its on.

HubPages : Beside the traditional wedding clothes, in traditional Sundanese wedding there is also usually traditional music show called the ‘gamelan’. Gamelan players play the wedding instrumentals, or Degung.

Sambasunda on MySpace : In a fast-changing Indonesia a new generation of musicians are taking on the task of redefining their rich musical heritage for the new millennium. SambaSunda are an irresistible 17-piece ensemble bringing together a pan-Indonesian array of instruments and influences to create a new style Gamelan orchestra where the sounds and grooves of bamboo and percussion dominate.

Celempungan on Wikipedia : Celempungan is a Sundanese musical genre that includes several musical instruments such as Kacapi, Kendang, Goong/Gong, and Suling or Rebab (optional), and Juru Kawih (singer). kendang, the drum, controls the tempo of the ensemble and reinforces the meter

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