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Atlantic publish Jean-Luc Ponty’s album : ‘Mystical…

Jean-Luc Ponty’s ‘Mystical Adventures’ is an album recorded during summer 1981 in Los Angeles and released on January 18, 1982 by Atlantic, Track Listing : 1.Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part I (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 03:29 . 2.Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part Ii (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 03:36 . 3.Mystical Adventures (Suite) Part Iii (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 07:29 . […]

The Mothers Of Invention visit Paris (1970)

December 15, 1970 – The Mothers of Invention – that is Frank Zappa (gtr,voc), Aynsley Dunbar (d), Jeff Simmons (b), George Duke (kb), Ian Underwood (p, s), Mark Volman (voc), Howard Kaylan (voc) and Jean-Luc Ponty (viol) – is at the Gaumont Palace movie theater in Paris, France. The concert is to be filmed by […]

Atlantic publish Jean-Luc Ponty’s album : ‘Imaginary Voyage’…

Jean-Luc Ponty’s ‘Imaginary Voyage’ is a studio album released on November 4, 1976 by Atlantic. Track Listing : 1.New Country (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 03:07 . 2.The Gardens Of Babylon (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 05:06 . 3.Wandering On The Milky Way (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 01:50 . 4.Once Upon A Dream (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 04:08 . 5.Tarantula (Jean-Luc […]

Jean-Luc Ponty’s Turning Point

The end of the Sixties and the beginning of the Seventies mark the real start of Jean-Luc Ponty‘s international stardom. Hooking up with 23 years old George Duke. Recording his own “King Kong: Jean-Luc Ponty Plays the Music of Frank Zappa” album. Recording the “Open Strings” album in Germany with Philip Catherine and Joachim Kühn. […]

Frank Zappa in the Year 1973

1973 is one of Frank Zappa‘s busiest years. Think about it : in one year, he records three albums, releases one and plays seventy-seven concerts throughout the world. From March till the end of May, he is at Bolic Sound in Inglewood and Whitney Studios in Glendale to complete his seventeenth studio album “Over-Nite Sensation” […]

DiscReet publish ‘Over-Nite Sensation,’ Frank Zappa & The…

‘Over-Nite Sensation’ by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention is their seventeenth studio album released on September 7, 1973 by DiscReet Track listing : 1.Camarillo Brillo (Frank Zappa) – 04:01 . 2.I’m the Slime (Frank Zappa) – 03:35 . 3.Dirty Love (Frank Zappa) – 03:00 . 4.Fifty-Fifty (Frank Zappa) – 06:08 . 5.Zomby Woof […]

Atlantic publish Jean-Luc Ponty’s ‘Enigmatic Ocean’ recorded…

Jean-Luc Ponty’s ‘Enigmatic Ocean’ is an album recorded with guitarists Allan Holdsworth, Daryl Stuermer, keyboard player Allan Zavod, bassist Ralphe Armstrong and drummer Steve Smith and released on September 1, 1977 by Atlantic. Track listing : . 1.Overture (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 00:47 . 2.The Trans-Love Express (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 03:59 . 3.Mirage (Jean-Luc Ponty) – […]

Jean-Luc Ponty releases ‘Upon the Wings of Music’ on Atlantic…

Jean-Luc Ponty ‘s ‘Upon the Wings of Music’ is an album released on May 25, 1975 by Atlantic. Track Listing : 1.Upon The Wings Of Music (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 05:26 . 2.Question With No Answer (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 03:29 . 3.Now I Know (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 04:27 . 4.Polyfolk Dance (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 05:12 . […]

Atlantic release Jean-Luc Ponty’s ‘Live’ recorded while on his…

Jean-Luc Ponty‘s ‘Live’ is a live album recorded during December 1978 while on tour in the US and released on April 18, 1979 by Atlantic. Track Listing : 1.Aurora, Pt. 1 (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 02:53 . 2.Aurora, Pt. 2 (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 06:18 . 3.Imaginary Voyage, Pt. 3 (Jean-Luc Ponty) – 04:25 . 4.Imaginary Voyage, […]

AndersonPonty Band – Better Late Than Never

Released on September 25, 2015, “Better Late Than Never” is the first collaboratve and live album by Jon Anderson and Jean Luc Ponty Track Listing : 1.Intro (Wally Minko) – 01:17 . 2.One In The Rhythms Of Hope (Jean-Luc Ponty, Jon Anderson) – 04:34 . 3.A For Aria (Jon Anderson, Enrico Tomat)- 03:22 . 4.Owner […]