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Death Row publish Snoop Dogg’s second album : ‘Tha Doggfather’…

Snoop Dogg’s ‘Tha Doggfather’ is his second studio album released on November 12, 1996, by Death Row / Interscope Records. Track Listing : 1.Intro – 00:46 . 2.Doggfather (Calvin Broadus Jr., Delmar Arnaud) – 03:57 . 3.Ride 4 Me (Calvin Broadus Jr., Ralph Aiken, Tyrone Crum, Keith Harrison, Robert Neal Jr., Roger Parker, Clarence Satchell) […]

Eminem releases his third album : ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’…

Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP” feat. “The Real Slim Shady” & “Stan” is his third studio album co-produced mostly by Dr. Dre. and released on May 23, 2000 by Aftermath Shady. Track Listing : 1.Public Service Announcement 2000 (Jeff Bass, Marshall Mathers) – 00:02 . 2.Kill You (Melvin Bradford, Marshall Mathers, Andre Young) – 04:24 […]

Eminem releases ‘The Eminem Show,’ his fourth album featuring…

‘The Eminem Show’ is his fourth studio album co-produced with Dr. Dre and released on May 21, 2002 by Aftermath / Shady Records / Interscope Records. Track Listing : 1.Curtains Up (Marshall Mathers) – 00:30 . 2.White America (Marshall Mathers, Jeff Bass, Luis Resto, Steve King) – 05:24 . 3.Business (Marshall Mathers, Andre Young, Theron […]

2Pac’s ‘All Eyez on Me’ feat. ‘California Love’

2Pac’s ‘All Eyez on Me’ feat. ‘California Love’ is his fourth studio album released on February 13, 1996 by Death Row Records and Interscope Records. Track Listing : 1.Ambitionz Az A Ridah (2Pac, Delmar “Daz” Arnaud) – 04:39 . 2.All About U (2Pac, Larry Blackmon, Calvin Broadus, Nathaniel Hale, Johnny Jackson, Bruce Washington) – 04:37 […]

50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”

50 Cent’s ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin” is his debut studio album produced by Dr. Dre and Eminem and released on February 6, 2003 by Aftermath Entertainment. Track Listing : 1.Intro – 0:06 . 2.What Up Gangsta (Curtis Jackson, Rob Tewlow) – 02:59 . 3.Patiently Waiting (Curtis Jackson, Marshall Mathers, Luis Resto, Mike Elizondo) – […]

Snoop Dogg releases his fifth album : ‘Tha Last Meal’ (2000)

Snoop Dogg’s ‘Tha Last Meal’ is his fifth studio album released on December 19, 2000 by No Limit / Doggystyle Records Track Listing : 1.Intro (Calvin Broadus) – 01:21 . 2.Hennesey N Buddah (Calvin Broadus) – 04:11 . 3.Snoop Dogg [What’S My Name Pt. 2] (Calvin Broadus) – 04:03 . 4.True Lies (Calvin Broadus) – […]