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Asylum publish Jackson Browne’s third album : ‘Late for the…

Jackson Browne’s ‘Late for the Sky’ is his third album co-produced with Al Schmitt and released on September 13, 1974 by Asylum. Track Listing : 1.Late For The Sky (Jackson Browne) – 05:36 . 2.Fountain Of Sorrow (Jackson Browne) – 06:42 . 3.Farther On (Jackson Browne) – 05:17 . 4.The Late Show (Jackson Browne) – […]

Joe Perry’ s ‘Sweetzerland Manifesto’

Joe Perry’ s ‘Sweetzerland Manifesto’ is his sixth studio album recorded in Los Angeles with Robin Zander, David Johansen, Terry Reid, Johnny Depp among other guests, co-produced with Bruce Witkin & Jack Douglas and released on January 19, 2018 by Roman Records