Mercury publish Texas’ ‘The Hush,’ their fifth album (1999)

Texas’ ‘The Hush’ is their fifth album recorded in their home country Scotland and released on May 10, 1999 by Mercury.

Track Listing : 1.In Our Lifetime (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri) – 04:06 . 2.Tell Me The Answer (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Robert Hodgens) – 03:54 . 3.Summer Son (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Eddie Campbell, Robert Hodgens) – 04:04 . 4.Sunday Afternoon (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri) – 04:21 . 5.Move In (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Mark Rae, Steve Christian) – 04:28 . 6.When We Are Together (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri) – 03:30 . 7.Day After Day (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri) – 04:37 . 8.Zero Zero (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Eddie Campbell) – 01:42 . 9.Saint (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri) – 04:46 . 10.Girl (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri) – 03:46 . 11.The Hush (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri, Mark Rae, Steve Christian) – 04:53 . 12.The Day Before I Went Away (Johnny Mcelhone, Sharleen Spiteri) – 06:28

Musicians : Texas – Band . Ally Mcerlaine – Guitar . Eddie Campbell – Keyboards . Johnny Mcelhone – Guitar . Sharleen Spiteri – Vocals . Richard Hynd – Drums On (3) . Paul Smith – Guitar On (5) . Tony Mcgovern – Guitar On (5) . Giuliano Gizzi – Guitar On (6)

Production : Produced By Texas .

Package : Luis Sanchis – Photography



Enngland’s Texas sculpts studio-perfect summer radio pop. Carbonated drumbeats provide a smooth, soft, cocoa-buttery surface like a well tanned midriff. […]

An indisputably fine and versatile singer, she and co-writer/producer Johnny McElhone have moved even more into the mainstream here, the textures on The Hush pushing her voice centre-stage on a collection which sounds like a concerted attempt to create their very own Rumours. […]

It won’t please longtime fans, who might be pining for a return to the rock of their early records, but the album’s lush blend of melody, blue-eyed soul, dance and pop is undeniably alluring. […]


Texas’ ‘The Hush’