The Mothers of Invention ‘s ‘Freak Out!’

The Mothers of Invention ‘s ‘Freak Out!’ is their debut album (one of the first concept rock albums) released on June 27, 1966 by Verve.


Track Listing : 1.Hungry Freaks, Daddy (Frank Zappa) – 03:32 . 2.I Ain’T Got No Heart (Frank Zappa) – 02:34 . 3.Who Are The Brain Police? (Frank Zappa) – 03:25 . 4.Go Cry On Somebody Else’S Shoulder (Frank Zappa, Ray Collins) – 03:43 . 5.Motherly Love (Frank Zappa) – 02:50 . 6.How Could I Be Such A Fool? (Frank Zappa) – 02:16 . 7.Wowie Zowie (Frank Zappa) – 02:55 . 8.You Didn’T Try To Call Me (Frank Zappa) – 03:21 . 9.Any Way The Wind Blows (Frank Zappa) – 02:55 . 10.I’M Not Satisfied (Frank Zappa) – 02:41 . 11.You’Re Probably Wondering Why I’M Here (Frank Zappa) – 03:41 . 12.Trouble Every Day (Frank Zappa) – 05:53 . 13.Help, I’M A Rock (Suite In Three Movements) (Frank Zappa) – 08:37 . I. Okay To Tap Dance . Ii. In Memoriam, Edgar Varèse . Iii. It Can’T Happen Here”. 14.The Return Of The Son Of Monster Magnet (Unfinished Ballet In Two Tableaux) (Frank Zappa) – 12:22 . I. Ritual Dance Of The Child-Killers . Ii. Nullis Pretii (No Commercial Potential)

Musicians : Frank Zappa – Guitar, Vocals . Jimmy Carl Black – Percussion, Drums, Vocals . Ray Collins – Harmonica, Cymbals, Sound Effects, Tambourine, Vocals, Finger Cymbals . Elliot Ingber – Alternate Lead & Rhythm Guitar . Roy Estrada – Bass, Vocals . Gene Estes – Percussion . Eugene Di Novi – Piano . Neil Le Vang – Guitar . John Rotella – Clarinet, Sax . Carol Kaye – 12-String Guitar . Arthur Maebe – French Horn, Tuba . Mac Rebennack – Piano . Paul Butterfield – Vocals . Les Mccann – Piano . Jeannie Vassoir – (The Voice Of Cheese) . Motorhead Sherwood – Noises . Kim Fowley – Megaphone . Kurt Reher – Cello . Raymond Kelley – Cello . Paul Bergstrom – Cello . Emmet Sargeant – Cello . Joseph Saxon – Cello . Edwin V. Beach – Cello

Production : Produced By Tom Wilson . Val Valentin – Engineer . Eugene Dinovi – Assistant Engineer . Neil Levang – Assistant Engineer . Vito – Assistant Engineer . Ken Watson – Assistant Engineer

Package : Jack Anesh – Cover Design . Ray Collins – Hair Stylist

Recorded March 8–12, 1966 At Sunset-Highland Studios Of Ttg.

Released On June 27, 1966 By Verve.

The Mothers of Invention


Mothers of InventionFREAK OUT, 45 YEARS ONby Charlie FinchIf you wonder why I am jaded and don’t even care what is happening at the Venice Biennale, it is because 45 years ago I purchased the first album by the Mothers of Invention, “Freak Out![…]

The Rumpus
At 17, I assumed Zappa was on all kinds of drugsand I didn’t believe it when I learned that he not only didn’t do them, he forbade his band members from doing them as well. But after I sobered up for the first time, when I was an undergrad, I began to understand the purity of weirdness. […]

Cdlassic Rock Review
While Freak Out! was far from a commercial or critical success upon its release, the album did develop a cult following among fans and fellow musicians. It was a major influence on The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and would eventually make many “all time ” lists. […]


The Mothers of Invention ‘s ‘Freak Out!’ M


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