The Songs Of Shah Abdul Karim

Featuring Shah Abdul Korim . Ager Bahaduri Ekhon Gelo Koi . Gari Cholena . Habib . Ashi Bole Gelo Bondhu . Taposhi . Aila Na Aila Na Bondhu Re . Babul Shorkar . Shokhi Kunjo Shajao Go . Ronger Duniya . Shajjad Noor . Baul Shah Abdul Korimer Bonde Maya Lagaiche . Kemone Vulibo Ami . Habib Wahid . Keno Piriti Baraila Re Bandhu . Mamun . Jil Mil Jil Mil . Shamima Alam Chinu . Bonde Maya Lagise . Batir Purush

Unheard Voice : It is a shame that many music groups/ musicians of current generation have become famous using Baul Shah Karim’s music, but Baul Shah Karim was not given due credit. Dolchhut’s signature song is ” Gari Chole na, …”.

OurTV Live in Home : Growing up with poverty, he started expressing his thoughts and emotions from very early age. Ektara, an instrument of music being his medium to express his thoughts, villager’s heart melted with his melodic and soothing voice.

Baul Shah Abdul Karim : Baul Samrat Shah Abdul Karim was laid to eternal rest beside the grave of his wife Aftabunnesa Sarola in their village home at Ujandhol of Derai upazila in Sunamganj yesterday afternoon. Thousands of mourning admirers and disciples of the legendary mystic poet attended the namaz-e-janaza before the burial.

Welcome to Shah Abdul Karim Website : Throughout his life he has written and composed more than 1500 songs to date. Although, he performed on England on 1964 and 1985, not a single musical album has been released by this Soulful Singer. He has been out of limelight of fame and fortune. But his legendary songs remixed by various musical bands like Dolchhut, Bangla and Habib/ Kaya is very popular, such as “Gari Choley na”, “Maya Lagaise”, “Krishno”! : A Sylheti restaurant owner in London, Kaya had the deep Baul, and most importantly, new, fresh voice Habib was looking to feature in his folk remixes. “Kaya’s a really fun-loving person and a huge music lover,” Habib says. “I heard him sing and he heard my tracks and agreed to do the vocals. We weren’t even really serious at the beginning. Only after a couple of the songs came out on a mixed pirated album about a year before Krishno’s release and were a real hit did we take up the work seriously.”

Sylhoti : As a tribute to the living legend, Sound Machine has released an album titled Jibonto Kingbodonti: Baul Shah Abdul Karim. The mixed album features renditions of Abdul Karim’s familiar songs by celebrated as well as emerging artistes — Bangla, Momotaz, Dalchhut, Maqsud, Dilruba Khan, Shandipon, Ajob, Oojaan, The London Underground and others.

Star Insight : Karim has managed to oversee the completion of a small structure to start an institution for teaching Baul Sangeet, it is to be called the Abdul Karim Sangeetaloy. He started it 4 years back and got only Taka. 50,000 from the Council for his project. He believes, his long cherished dream will be realized one day. “Maybe one day”, said the musician, “one day when I am no longer alive.”

New Age : The launching ceremony of ‘Bhatir Purush’, a documentary by Shakoor Majid featuring the life and music of the legendary folk singer Shah Abdul Karim, was held on Wednesday at Shahid Zia Auditorium of the Bangladesh National Museum.

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