Columbia publish Aerosmith’s third album : ‘Toys in the Attic’ featuring ‘Walk This Way’ (1975)

Aerosmith’s ‘Toys in the Attic’ is their third (and their most commercially successful) studio album, released on April 8, 1975 by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Toys In The Attic (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry) – 03:07 . 2.Uncle Salty (Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton) – 04:09 . 3.Adam’S Apple (Steven Tyler) – 04:33 . 4.Walk This Way (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry) – 03:41 . 5.Big Ten Inch Record (Fred Weismantel) – 02:16 . 6.Sweet Emotion (Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton) – 04:34 . 7.No More No More (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry) – 04:34 . 8.Round And Round (Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford) – 05:03 . 9.You See Me Crying (Steven Tyler, Don Solomon) – 05:12

Musicians : Aerosmith – Band . Steven Tyler – Lead Vocals, Keyboards On (7), Percussion On (6), Harmonica On (5), Piano On (9) . Joe Perry – Backing Vocals, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Talkbox On (6) . Brad Whitford – Guitar . Tom Hamilton – Bass, Rhythm Guitar On (2) . Joey Kramer – Drums, Percussion . Scott Cushnie – Piano On (5 – 7) . Jay Messina – Bass Marimba On (6)

Production : Produced By Jack Douglas . Michael Mainieri, Jr. . Rod O’Brien – Assistant Engineer . Corky Stasiak – Assistant Engineer . David Thoener – Assistant Engineer . Vic Anesini – Mastering . Doug Sax – Mastering . Jay Messina – Engineer

Arrangements : Michael Mainieri, Jr.

Package : Bob Belott – Photography . Jimmy Lenner, Jr. – Photography . Ingrid Haenke – Illustrations . Leslie Lambert – Design . Ken Fredette – Design . Lisa Sparagano – Design

Recorded January – March 1975 At The Record Plant.

Released On April 8, 1975 By Columbia.



Rolling Stone
On Toys, Aerosmith is given a more compact, jumbled mix that gives more of a “group” feel but robs them of that explosive ambience. Hence it’s much harder to get involved with the music at first exposure to it. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
The Story of Aerosmith’s Legend-Making ‘Toys in the Attic’ The record will be played long after you’re dead. Our records would be up there in the attic, too, with the things that you loved and never wanted to forget. And to me, Aerosmith was becoming that. […]
The final verdict on “Toys in the Attic” provides a lasting sense of both elation and sadness. The timelessness of the record is rarely debated, but the lightning in a bottle energy captured here would quickly erupt into a smoldering avalanche of laughability in coming years. […]



Aerosmith’s ‘Toys in the Attic’



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