V.S.O.P’s ‘The Quintet’

V.S.O.P’s ‘The Quintet’ is an album featuring Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Tony Williams, Ron Carter and Wayne Shorter and recorded on July 16 & 18, 1977 and released in October 1977 By Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.One Of A Kind (Freddie Hubbard) – 09:27 . 2.Third Plane (Ron Carter) – 07:19 . 3.Jessica (Herbie Hancock ) – 07:02 . 4.Lawra (Tony Williams) – 09:43 . 5.Darts (Herbie Hancock ) – 08:54 . 6.Dolores (Wayne Shorter) – 11:31 . 7.Little Waltz (Ron Carter) – 09:33 . 8.Byrdlike (Freddie Hubbard) – 08:05

Musicians : V.S.O.P. – Band . Ron Carter – Bass . Herbie Hancock – Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals . Freddie Hubbard – Flugelhorn, Trumpet . Wayne Shorter – Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone . Tony Williams – Drums

Production : Produced By David Rubinson, Jeffrey Cohen . Bryan Bell – Engineer . Fred Catero – Engineer . Les D. Cooper – Remote Recording . Dennis Mays – Remote Recording . Chris Minto – Assistant Engineer . Shawn Murphy – Remote Recording . Paul Sandweiss – Remote Recording . Ray Thompson – Remote Recording

Package : Russ Anderson – Design . Herbie Green – Design . Conrad Silvert – Liner Notes . Bruce Talamon – Photography

Recorded On July 16 & 18, 1977 At The Greek Theatre, University Of California, Berkeley And The San Diego Civic Theatre .

Released In October 1977 By Columbia.



JazzGtrDude @ RateYourMusic
Absolutely killer. This hangs well with the miles davis second great quintet recordings. It’s a pleasure to listen toand the players are all on fire throughout. Miles is missed but freddie plays like a total beast. […]

Steve Hoffman Music Forums
It isn’t exactly the same — you miss Miles’ brooding presence and sense of space in Hubbard’s busy, fiery playingand Hancock is a more harmonically daring, assertive player than he was with Miles — but the interlocking telepathy and individual virtuosity of the musicians is pretty amazing. […]

This record’s new way of looking at post-bop stood alone at the time of its release during the last days of a dying rock influenced fusion scene. It had been a long time since anyone had looked at the swinging yet abstract qualities of this great 60s borne acoustic jazz genre. […]


V.S.O.P’s ‘The Quintet’



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