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From ‘Palavra De Mulher’ to ‘Há Palavras Que Nos Beijam’ , we have mixed 18 ‘Latin mixed with Jazz‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Words, Palabras, Palavras‘. It has Mariza, Billie Holiday, Dalva De Oliveira, Begona Bang-Matu and many more.

IMAGE : Chatting Photo by Zoetnet

Ruth Brown : In the Fifties, Ruth Brown was known as “Miss Rhythm,” a testament to her stature as a female rhythm & blues singer whose only serious competition was Dinah Washington.

Geeshie Wiley @Archive.org : Wiley recorded “Last Kind Word Blues” and “Skinny Leg Blues” in Grafton, Wisconsin for Paramount Records in March of 1930, with Elvie Thomas backing her on second guitar. (Thomas also recorded two songs for Paramount at the session, “Motherless Child Blues” and “Over to My House,” with someone, presumably Wiley, providing second guitar and vocal harmonies.)

Mari Trini @Youtube : Mari Trini emerged as one of Spain’s most popular and influential pop stars during the final years of Francisco Franco’s rule, writing and recording a series of feminist protest anthems that challenged the perception of women in music and in Spanish society as a whole

Begona Bang-Matu : Begonia Bang-Matu is known by singing in many bands, specialy with Malarians, but also with Potato, Skalariak, Ramiccia, Arpioni, Fermin Muguruza, Las Damas or even Laurel Aitken, but she has also been active with her solo career with her personal jazzy groove in the best Sarah Vaughn or Byllie Holliday style.

Laika Fatien : Born in Paris in 1968, her mother is a Moroccan-Spanish Jew, and her father is from the Ivory Coast. Fatien currently makes her home in Spain. She sings in English without any noticeable accent; one of her most remarkable qualities is how authentic she sounds. I don’t know what language(s) she grew up speaking but I can hear that jazz is now her mother tongue.

Lucy Dixon : Lucy’s weapon of choice is the Gibson Echoplex. There are many acts in the acoustic sphere that use multi layered music through a series of delay pedals. The Echoplex is the best and most versatile of them and Lucy’s supreme singing ability means that she gets to play with recording studio quality samples every time! She creates her own rich choral backing over a series of bars and then adds a light and ephemeral melody over it all. In this way, she puts the whole song together with her voice and the audience, riveted to hear more of this angelic chorus lap her up every time. Add to that spontaneous bursts of improvised tap dancing…

PLAYLIST : Elba Ramalho – Palavra De Mulher (2.34) . Sarah Vaughan – Words Can’t Describe (4.25) . Omara Portuendo – Palabras (5.34) . Bebel Gilberto – Words (2.25) . Elis Regina – Boa Palavra (4.26) . Silvana Di Lorenzo – Tres Palabras (2.58) . Astrud Gilberto – Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (2.17) . Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – In Other Words, We’re Through (2.23) . Billie Holiday – Too Marvelous For Words (2.10) . Dalva De Oliveira – SáBias Palavras (2.35) . Geeshie Wiley – Last Kind Words Blues (2.57) . Ruth Brown – I Can’t Hear A Word You Say (2.23) . Begona Bang-Matu – Falsas Palabras (4.13) . Patricia Barber – I Could Eat Your Words (7.35) . Mari Trini Y Los Panchos – Palabras (4.00) . Mariza – Há Palavras Que Nos Beijam (2.46) . Laika Fatien – Where Are The Words (4.13) . Lucy Dixon – Words (3.22) .


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