Zara McFarlane – If You Knew Her

Released on January 20, 2014, “If You Knew Her” is the second studio album by English singer Zara McFarlane.

Track Listing : 1.Open Heart (Zara Mcfarlane) – 04:43 . 2.Her Eyes (Zara Mcfarlane) – 03:33 . 3.Move (Zara Mcfarlane) – 05:58 . 4.You’Ll Get Me In Trouble (Zara Mcfarlane) – 03:36 . 5.Police & Thieves (Junior Murvin) – 06:56 . 6.Spinning Wheel (Zara Mcfarlane) – 01:20 . 7.Plain Gold Ring (J. Hammer) – 04:25 . 8.Angie La La (Zara Mcfarlane) – 07:37 . 9.The Games We Played (Zara Mcfarlane) – 03:59 . 10.Woman In The Olive Groves (Zara Mcfarlane) – 05:13 . 11.Love (Zara Mcfarlane, Zara Mcfarlane) 06:49

Musicians : Zara Mcfarlane – Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Vocals . Leron Thomas – Fiano . Taz Modi – Drums . Max Luthert – Bass . Peter Edwards – Piano . Luke Flowers – Double Bass . Rachael Gladwin – Harp . Binker Golding – Sax (Tenor) . Gavin Barras – Double Bass, Harp . Moses Boyd – Drums . Andy Chapman – Drums

Production : Produced By Zara Mcfarlane . George Atkins – Engineer . Liam Nolan – Engineer . Brendan Williams – Engineer . Troy Miller – Engineer . Stuart Hawkes – Mastering . Toni Economides – Mixing

Package : Casey Moore – Photography . Otis Marchbank – Design

Recorded 2013.

Released On January 20, 2014 By Brownswood.

(Source Zara McFarlane @ Facebook)



All About Jazz
McFarlane’s voice swells to the challenge of sparse instrumentation. She capitalizes on the music’s pulse, that necessary element propelling this collection of sweetly opaque songs forward.

The Arts Desk
A certain amount has been made of McFarlane’s Dagenham upbringing and (relatively, compared to the current norm for jazz academicians) uncloistered training. It does, perhaps, help her to get to the heart of the matter more directly. To say more than that would be to patronise a release that deserves to hit the mainstream like a runaway truck.

“This album is dedicated to all the strong, beautiful women who have touched my life with their strength, courage, empathy, humour, wisdom & love.” Those women seem to have had the greatest effect on McFarlane originals like the burning ballad “Woman in the Olive Groves” and the particularly gorgeous “Her Eyes,” in which McFarlane’s breezy melodies resemble those of ’70s Stevie Wonder.




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