Hard & Metal New Music Videos N°190

Slaughter To Prevail, Fallen Sanctuary, Blackrain, Michael Schenker Group, Tenside, Gaerea, Orthodox, Goatwhore, Off!, H.E.A.T., Amon Amarth, Ice Nine Kills

Hard & Metal New Music Videos 08

Every day we watch tons of videos. Among them we have selected for the week, twelve brand new songs by hard rock, metal, etc. bands that caught our interest and liking.They are Imminence, Amon Amarth, Inanimate Existence, Osiah, Vagrants, Advent Sorrow, White Noises, Kampfar, Illyria, Methadone Skies, Born . New, Death Blooms Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist. Enjoy!Tracklist 1 .…