Billy Corgan’ s ‘Ogilala’

Billy Corgan' s 'Ogilala' is his second solo album co-produced with Rick Rubin and released under his full name "William Patrick Corgan" on October 13, 2017 by Caroline / Virgin / Reprise / Warner Bros / BMG

Billy Corgan


The still-evolving artist discovers that perhaps sadness isn't so infinite after all


Will Billy Corgan, the Uncoolest of Rock Musicians, Achieve Cool Status with 'Ogilala'?

Billy Corgan' s 'Ogilala'


To map ‘The Atlas Underground’ Tom Morello says he ‘forged his sonic conspiracy’. A ‘rageous’ machination for an insurrection?

Tom Morello's 'The Atlas Underground' is his first solo album recorded with among other guests Gary Clark Jr., Portugal The Man, Steve Aoki, Marcus Mumford and Vic Mensa and released on October 12, 2018 by Mom & Pop Music

Tom Morello

Rolling Stone

“The notion from the very start was to forge this sonic conspiracy of these artists from wide-ranging genres who are like-minded, and then curate all of it into a powerful and cohesive whole.”


a body of music erupting with bold ideas, fiery lyricism and his inextinguishable passion for rejecting all manners of status quo. Music Radar

. It had to be an unapologetic rock guitar album going beyond the sonic landscape that I’ve explored before…”

Tom Morello - The Atlas Underground