Se(a) Se(x) And Sun

From 'Beyond The Sea' to 'East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon)' , we have mixed 21 'Languorous Jazz' tunes around the theme of 'Sea, Sex, Sun and Summer'. It has Tony Williams, Alejandro De Pinedo, Ray Charles, Count Basie and many more.

The Beatles release ‘Revolver’ featuring ‘Eleanor Rigby,’ ‘Good Day Sunshine’ and ‘Got To Get You Into My Life’ (1966)

The Beatles' 'Revolver' feat. 'Eleanor Rigby' is their seventh studio album produced by George Martin and released on August 5, 1966 by Parlophone.1 . Eleanor Rigby 2 . Taxman (w/ George Harrison &ic Clapton) 3 . Yellow Submarine Original Trailer, 1968 4 . Good Day Sunshine (w/ Paul McCartney, Live) 5 . For No One (w/ Paul McCartney) 6 . Live At Circus Krone, 1966 Track Listing : 1.Taxman…