Four Concerts with Willie Weeks

Bassist extraordinaire, Willie Weeks, who is born this day in 1947 - Happy Birthday - has been for almost 60 years a "top session bassist".

Very much in demand, Willie has played on numerous albums and behind the greatest (you want to verify ? click on //

The 'Four Concerts with Willie Weeks' are with Eric Clapton, Doobie Brothers, Joe Walsh, Ronnie Wood & Keith Richards. Enjoy!

Track Listing : 1 . Eric Clapton, Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, February 25, 2009 :

Tell The Truth . Key To The Highway . Hoochie Coochie Man . I Shot The Sheriff . Isn’t It A Pity . Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad . Solo Blues (Driftin’) . Travelin Alone . That’s Alright . Motherless Child . Running On Faith . Motherless Children . Litttle Queen Of Spades . Everything Is Going To Be Alright .…