Happy Birthday Michael McDonald. ‘On His Own’

This day ( February 12, 1952), in St. Louis, Missouri, is born Michael McDonald, a baritone singer and ex-member of The Doobie Brothers

Tracklist :

1 . I Keep Forgetting (2017)

2 . w/ Kenny Loggins - Heart to Heart, This Is It, What a Fool Believes (2017)

3 . w/ Donald Fagen, Boz Scaggs - Whos That Lady? (2014)

4 . Here To Love You (2013)

5 . w/ Dukes of September - If You Don't Know Me By Now (2012)

6 . w/ Steely Dan - Show Biz Kids ( 2006)

7 . w/ Patti LaBelle - On My Own (2006)

8 . w/ Toni Braxton - Stop, Look, Listen (to Your Heart)

9 . Ohne Filter Extra (1993)

10 . No Lookin' Back (1986)

11 . Soul Train (1982)

12 . Doobie Brothers (Takin in To The Street ,Jesus is Just Alright) Live In Sta.Barbara 1982

Tracklist :

I Keep Forgettin' . Ain't No Mountain High Enough .Sweet

Lee Ritenour – A Twist Of Rit

Released on August 21, 2015, "A Twist Of Rit" is an album by Lee Ritenour revisiting and reworking songs from some of his earliest albums.

Lee Ritenour - A Twist Of Rit


Guitarist Lee Ritenour Discusses His New Album, ‘A Twist of Rit’
What I started to notice was that a lot of these groups were borrowing elements that we were doing back in the Seventies and Eighties. That’s when I thought, what if we went in and took my tunes from those early records and twisted them up and gave them a fresh look?


Other songs from First Course -“Fatback,” “A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That,” and the funky 9/4 time hit “Sweet Syncopation,” set the pace for the roots of rhythm and the beats that just won’t quit. Lee’s jumpin’ classics give this side of Rit…

Trials And Errors

From 'Alone Again Naturally' to 'Falling In Love Again' , we have mixed 20 'Jazz' tunes around the theme of 'Again (and Never Again)'. "Trials And Errors" has The Frank And Joe Show, John Lee Hooker, Camille Howard, April Stevens and many more.

We Got Rhythms

From 'Crazy Rhythm' to 'Rhythm Of Corners' , we have mixed 19 'Jazz and a Slice Of Reggae ' tunes around the theme of 'Rhythm'. It has Jimmie Lunceford, The Frank And Joe Show, Oneness Of Juju, Cliff Richard and many more.

We remember Doris Day. ‘Doris, Day Of Roses’

This day (May 19, 2019), in Carmel Valley, California, died Doris Mary Ann Kappelhof a.k.a. Doris Day, an American actress and singer.

Tracklist :

1 . w/ Rock Hudson - The Doris Day Special (1971)

2 . Cbs Special (1970)

3 . Doris Day & Stephen Boyd - Jumbo (1962)

4 . Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera) (1956)

5 . I'Ll Never Stop Loving You (1955)

6 . Men (1954)

7 . The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away!) (1953)

8 . It's Magic (1948)

Tracklist :

Que Sera Sera . Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps . Move Over Darling . Sentimental Journey . Secret Love . Dream a Little Dream of Me . A Guy Is a Guy . Everybody Loves A Lover . It Had to Be You . It's Magic .

Program :

Hollywood Greats (BBC Scotland, 2002) .

Doris Day British Documentary (1988) . Doris Day's Best Friends (1985) .