Streets With A Name

From 'Fifty-First Street Blues' to 'West 42nd Street' , we have mixed 13 'Pure Jazz' tunes around the theme of 'Street Names'. It has Bill Evans, Sonny Rollins, Jay McShan, Kenny Dorham and many more.

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ N°289 – Vintage 2000s Music Videos

Bizarre Quotes • Get my phone out, 'bout to give this girl a shout (The Streets) • Let's play pretend and act like it comes so naturally (P!nk) • 'Cause I've been in the same clothes far too long (The Pigeon Detectives) • Your breasts, your dress Vibrations coming through You're in a mess (Korn) • Slow down little one You can't keep running away (Editors) • I've always thought that I would love to live by the sea (Dido) • When my heart stops beating And my lungs stop breathing in air I hope somebody cares (Chase & Status)

Music-wise : Pop, Dance Pop, Rock, R&B

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ N°266 – Vintage 2000s Music Videos

Love Quotes • If you see me hit the ground Don't come near, don't make a sound (Travis) • You would come back, but I know the ending of this story (Good Charlotte) • I wish that bar lady'd appear And come serve over here (The Streets) • It ain't no place to be killing time I guess I'm just lazy (Oasis) • We began the weeping and wailing (The Killers) • Shouting, Lager, lager, lager, lager (Underworld) • Someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares (Marilyn Manson) • You always look tired, she said (Elbow) •

Music-wise : Pop, Dance Pop, Rock, R&B

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ N°258 – Vintage 2000s Music Videos

Bizarre Quotes • You never said you were pretending (Sugar Ray) • Check out what's in the test tube baby You're my little pipette (John Otway) • I don't want anyone to see me like this right now (The Streets) • But I love to watch good dancers talk (The Sleepy Jackson) • To Africa comes Santa Claus (Rammstein) • You can call me an asshole, I'm glad (Eminem) • Hard to say what caught my attention (Slipknot)

Music-wise : Pop, Rap, Rock, Indie Rock, Hard Rock

We all wish Bono a Happy Birthday since ‘We are all pro Bono’

This day (May 10, 1960), in Dublin, Ireland, is born Paul David Hewson simply known as Bono, Irish ssocial activist, songwriter, co-founder and lead singer of U2

Tracklist :

1 . I Will Follow (1981)

2 . 11 O’clock Tick Tock (Roskilde Festival, 1982)

3 . Fire (in Werchter, 1982 )

4 . Sunday Bloody Sunday

5 . Do They Know It’s Christmas (w/ Band Aid, 1984)

6 . In The Name Of Love (1984)

7 . Bad (Live Aid, 1985)

8 . Conspiracy of Hope (w/ The Police, Giants Stadium New Jersey, 1986)

9 . Stand By Me (w/ Bruce Springsteen, 1987)

10 . Angel of Harlem (1988)

11 . In a Lifetime (w/ Clannad, Top of the Pops, 1989)

12 . One / Ave Maria (w/ Pavarotti )

13 . Discotheque (1996)

14 . I’ve Got You Under My Skin

15 . In San Remo (2000)

16 . With Or Without You (in Boston)

17 . Where The Streets Have No

This week In ’80s Throwback’ 10/52

J. Geils Band, Billy Joel, Simply Red, Gary Numan, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Depeche Mode, The Clash, Midnight Oil, Joe Walsh, U2, Alvin Lee, Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer

Happy Birthday Michael McDonald. ‘On His Own’

This day ( February 12, 1952), in St. Louis, Missouri, is born Michael McDonald, a baritone singer and ex-member of The Doobie Brothers

Tracklist :

1 . I Keep Forgetting (2017)

2 . w/ Kenny Loggins - Heart to Heart, This Is It, What a Fool Believes (2017)

3 . w/ Donald Fagen, Boz Scaggs - Whos That Lady? (2014)

4 . Here To Love You (2013)

5 . w/ Dukes of September - If You Don't Know Me By Now (2012)

6 . w/ Steely Dan - Show Biz Kids ( 2006)

7 . w/ Patti LaBelle - On My Own (2006)

8 . w/ Toni Braxton - Stop, Look, Listen (to Your Heart)

9 . Ohne Filter Extra (1993)

10 . No Lookin' Back (1986)

11 . Soul Train (1982)

12 . Doobie Brothers (Takin in To The Street ,Jesus is Just Alright) Live In Sta.Barbara 1982

Tracklist :

I Keep Forgettin' . Ain't No Mountain High Enough .Sweet