The Who release their sixth album : ‘Quadrophenia,’ a rock opera featuring ‘The Real Me’ (1973)

The Who's 'Quadrophenia' is their sixth studio (double) album featuring a rock opera fully composed by Pete Townshend and released on October26, 1973 by Track Records.1 . The Real Me (Quadrophenia) 2 . The Real Me (Royal Albert Hall) 3 . The Real Me (London, 2013) 4 . Quadrophenia (London, 2013) 5 . Cut My Hair (Feb 17, 2013, Schottenstein Center, Columbus Ohio) 6 . The Punk And The Godfather…

The Who spend two nights in New-York (1982)

October 12, 1982 - it is the first of the two concerts that The Who featuring Kenney Jones will give for their (supposedly) last tour ever at Shea Stadium, New York City, NY, More Info

Polydor publish The Who’s seventh album : ‘The Who by Numbers’ (1975)

'The Who by Numbers' is their seventh studio album produced by Glyn Johns and released on 3 October 1975 by Polydor Records(Source The Who - The Who by Numbers | Official Website)<img src='//' alt=' 'The Who by Numbers' | RVM ' /> 'The Who by Numbers' | RVM AMAZON . ITUNES . CD UNIVERSE

W.A.S.P. cover The Who (2017)

September 25, 2017 - heavy metal band W.A.S.P. revisit a Who classic during their concert at Trädgår'n in Gothenburg, Sweden

The Who visit Florida (2000)

September 24, 2000 - The Who with Zak Starkey on drums will be on stage at The Mars Music Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, F

The Who rock ‘in Rio’ (2017)

September 23, 2017 - The Who will play just before Guns N. Roses during day 6 of "Rock in Rio 7" at Cidade do Rock, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Waterboys release their third album : ‘This Is The Sea’ featuring ‘The Whole of the Moon’ (1985)

The Waterboys' 'This Is the Sea' is their third album featuring 'The Whole of the Moon' and released on September 16, 1985 by Island1 . Don't Bang The Drum (10.03.2012, Oslo) 2 . Don't Bang The Drum (Vredenburg) 3 . The Whole Of The Moon (Official Video) 4 . The Whole Of The Moon (The Isle Of Wight Festival, 2014) 5 . The Pan Within / Because The Night (Glastonbury, 1986) 6 . The Pan Whithin…

The Who perform in Germany (2016)

September 10, 2016 - The Who - that is Pete Townshend (g, voc), Roger Daltrey (voc, harmo), Simon Townshend (g), Pino Palladino (b), Zak Starkey (d), Loren Gold (kb), John Corey (kb) and Frank Simes (kb, misc) - will revisit their classics at the König Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany

Polydor publish The Who’s eighth album : ‘Who Are You’ (1978)

The Who's 'Who Are You' is their eighth studio album (the last with drummer Keith Moon who died three weeks later) released on August 18 , 1978 by Polydor / MCA Records.1 . Sister Disco 2 . Sister Disco (Toronto, 12-17-82) 3 . Music Must Change (London, 1979) 4 . Trick Of The Light (1989) 5 . Who Are You (Live, 1989) Track Listing : 1.New Song (Pete Townshend) - 04:12 . 2.Had Enough (John…

The Who release their fifth album : ‘Who’s Next’ featuring ‘Baba O’Riley’ and ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’ (1971)

The Who's 'Who's Next' feat. 'Won't Get Fooled Again' is their fifth studio album by released in August 1971 by Track, / Decca1 . Baba O'Riley (Hyde Park, 2015) 2 . Baba O'Riley (Live) Track Listing : 1.Baba O'Riley (Pete Townshend) - 05:08 . 2.Bargain (Pete Townshend) - 05:34 . 3.Love Ain'T For Keeping (Pete Townshend) - 02:10 . 4.My Wife (John Entwistle) - 03:41 . 5.The Song Is Over (Pete…

Pete Townshend revisits the Who with his own band (1993)

July 8, 1993 - Pete Townshend plus Andy Fairweather Low (g), Phil Palmer (g), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (org), Pino Palladino (b), Simon Phillips (d), Peter Hope-Evans (harmo), Billy Nicholls & Katie Kissoon (back voc) will be at Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn, NY

The Who brings Tommy to Tanglewood (1970)

July 7, 1970 - Bill Graham presents The Who - that is Roger Daltrey (voc, harmoa, tambourine), Pete Townshend (g, voc), John Entwistle (b, voc) and Keith Moon (d, perc, voc) at Tanglewood in Lennox, MA

The Who release the rock-opera ‘Tommy’ as a double-album (1969)

The Who's 'Tommy' is their fourth studio (and rock-opera) album released as a double album on May 23, 1969 by Decca / MCA. (Source The Who - Tommy | Official Site)CONSEQUENCE OF SOUNDIt has been said “Sally Simpson” was inspired by true events. While Townshend was backstage at a Door’s concert, a security guard roughly handled a girl who was attempting to touch Jim Morrison, just as Sally was…