As we wish, today, David Coverdale a Happy Birthday, the time has come to playlist the ‘BESTS’ of his band : Whitesnake

As we wish, today, English rock singer, David Coverdale a Happy Birthday, the time has come to playlist the 'BESTS' of his band : Whitesnake Video Tracklist : 1 . Is This Love 2 . Here I Go Again 3 . Still of the Night 4 . Fool for Your Loving 5 . Love Ain't No Stranger 6 . Give Me All Your Love 7 . The Deeper the Love 8 . Don't Break My Heart Again 9 . Slow an' Easy 10 . Too Many Tears 11 . Fool…

Whitesnake charm Tokyo (1984)

August 11, 1984 - (and tomorrow) Whitesnake ‎- that is David Coverdale (voc), Neil Murray (b), Cozy Powell (d), John Sykes (g) & Richard Balley (kb) - will be on stage at Seibu Lions Kyujo, Tokorozawa, Japan

Glenn Hughes sits in with Whitesnake (2015)

June 9, 2015 - they say (but it's still a secret) that Glenn Hughes - ex Trapeze,ex Deep Purple and ex Black Sabbath - may join David Coverdale and Whitesnake on stage at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA

Whitesnake celebrate Deep Purple (2015)

February 12, 2015 - Whitesnake and David Coverdale present their new "Purple Album" dedicated to Deep Purple MK III & IV where Coverdale was lead singer at Tivoli-Vredenburg in Utrecht, The Netherlands

This week In Guitar Virtuosi 03/52

Mick Taylor, Larry Carlton, Nils Lofgren, Jimmy Johnson, Matt Schofield, John Sykes, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Steve Morse, Daniel Johns, Joe Satriani, Phil Collen, John Petrucci, Joe Perry, Slash, Johnny Depp, Eddie Van Halen

Queen rock in Rio (1985)

January 12, 1985 - last night at 2 in the morning, Queen opened the first 'Rock in Rio' festival in Brazil along Iron Maiden, Whitesnake and more. If, like us, you missed them, they will be back on the 18th. <img src='//' alt='Queen's "The Game" feat. “Another One Bites the Dust”' width='190'…

Joe Bonamassa has guests in London (2011)

October 22, 2011 - Bernie Marsden of Whitesnake fame and Scottih debutante Eilidh McKellar will join Joe Bonamassa for a couple of songs during his second concert at Hammersmith Apollo in London

The tracklisting of the new Joe Bonamassa (King Bee?) reads like a christic journey from shakedown and wounds to reconstruction and redemption. Heavy stuff and riffs!

Joe Bonamassa's 'Redemption' is his thirteenth solo studio album produced by Kevin Shirley and released on September 21, 2018 by J&R Adventures (Source Joe Bonamassa - Redemption | Official Site)Blues Rock Review Bonamassa throws in a flashy solo, but his playing, as well as his vocals, have a lot of soul. He’s not phoning in this performance. Louder Want it or not, a breakup album is his…

Happy Birthday Joe Bonamassa. ‘Hey Joe’

This day (May 8, 1977), in New Hartford, New York, is born Joe Bonamassa, an American blues rock guitarist and singer.Digest Tracklist : Walk In My Shadow (2020) . This Train (2019) . Redemption (2018) . Drive (At Carnegie Hall, 2017) . Mountain Climbing (2016) . Sloe Gin (Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks, 2015) . Oh Beautiful (PinkPop, 2014) . Athens to Athens ( LIVE at Vienna Opera House) . Driving…

‘L’Amour Toujours’ N°317 – Vintage 80s Music Videos

Bryan Ferry, Daryl Hall . John Oates, Brandi Wells, Fern Kinney, Pepsi and Shirlie, Kool . The Gang, Rudy Grant, Evelyn 'Champagne' King, Bobby Womack . Alltrinna, Pat Benatar, Femme Fatale, WhitesnakeThey are the performers of the twelve vintage love songs that were ranked in the UK charts, this week (08/52) BUT ... in the Eighties 80s. (Source) Here, they are reunited in one glorious playlist.…