Bon Jovi rock in Rio (1990)

January 26, 1993 - Bon Jovi headline the second day at 'Hollywood Rock', Praça da Apoteose in Rio de Janeiro More Info

Bon Jovi release their fifth album : ‘Keep the Faith’ featuring ‘Bed of Roses’ and ‘In These Arms’ (1992)

Bon Jovi's 'Keep the Faith' is their fifth studio album (the last with original bassist Alec John Such) produced by Bob Rock and released on November 3, 1992 by Mercury Records. 1 . I Believe 2 . I Believe (Lisbon, 2011) 3 . Keep The Faith (Official Video) 4 . Keep The Faith (On "Letterman") 5 . I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 6 . I'll Sleep When I'm Dead ("The Crush Tour," 2000) 7 . In These Arms 8…

Bon Jovi release ‘New Jersey,’ their fourth album featuring ‘Bad Medicine’ and ‘I’ll Be There for You’ (1988)

Bon Jovi's 'New Jersey' is their fourth studio album produced by Bruce Fairbairn and released on September 19, 1988 by Mercury Records. 1 . Lay Your Hands On Me 2 . Bad Medicine 3 . Born To Be My Baby (Official Video) 4 . Living In Sin 5 . Blood On Blood 6 . Ride Cowboy Ride / Blaze Of Glory 7 . Stick To Your Guns 8 . I'll Be There For You 9 . 99 In The Shade 10 . Love For Sale 11 . Lay Your Hands…

Bon Jovi release ‘Slippery When Wet,’ their third album featuring ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ and ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ (1986)

Bon Jovi's 'Slippery When Wet' is their third studio album produced by Bruce Fairbairn and released on August 18, 1986 by Mercury / Vertigo Records1 . Let It Rock (Live) 2 . You Give Love A Bad Name (Official Video) 3 . Livin' On A Prayer 4 . Wanted Dead Or Alive (Official Video) 5 . Raise Your Hands (Live) 6 . Without Love 7 . Never Say Goodbye (Official Video) 8 . Never Say Goodbye (Zeebrugge,…

On web TV today, Jon Bon Jovi enrols the Kings of Suburbia (2020)

August 14, 2020 - if in front of a computer, do not miss Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia - that is Everett Bradley (perc), Greg Mayo (g), Lorenza Ponce (strings) and Carl Gentry (kb) - performing a "Virtual Hampton Water Covid Relief Concert" live from home on YouTube

Jon Bon Jovi revisits his life (2015)

July 18, 2015 - Jon Bon Jovi with just one guitar will revisit Bon Jovi's repertoire and answer a few questions from the audience at B.B. King in New-York City