With a little help from George Benson and Snoop Dog, ‘The Now Now’ by Gorillaz is the pop album we need now. Right now!

Gorillaz' 'The Now Now' is their sixth album produced by Damon Albarn and James Ford, featuring George Benson and Snoop Dog and released on June 29, 2018 by Warner Bros / Parlophone



The follow-up to 2017’s bloated ‘Humanz’ is a trim and spritely listen
prides itself on making 11 pop tracks that zip with energy, passion and an abundance of ideas

Rolling Stone

Gorillaz' 'The Now Now' Is a Focused Call for Unity In Hard Times
opening with a vintage chilled-out summer jam certified with sugary licks by soul jazz touchstone George Benson The Sun
Gorillaz’s main man Damon Albarn talks new about his ‘fresh’ new album The Now Now – from politics to melancholic tunes
artist Jamie Hewlett, who was present at the sessions to create new narratives for…