This week In Soul Artists 05/52

Luther Vandross, Maurice White, Prince, Trey Songz, Al Green, Bettye Lavette, Ike and Tina Turner, Destiny's Child, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, The Temptations, Fugees

This week In Soul Artists 12/52

Stevie Wonder, George Benson, Earth, Wind, Fire, The Temptations, Chaka Khan, Barry White, Otis Redding, Macy Gray, Beverley Knight, Usher, Arrested Development, Parliament Funkadelic

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ N°512 – Vintage 2000s Music Videos

Love Quotes • Will you tell me what you saw and I'll tell you what you missed (Modest Mouse) • I read the graffiti in the bathroom stall Like the holy scriptures (Green Day) • Howling at all this corrosion (Duran Duran) • Chewing my face off, talking absolute rubbish (The Darkness) • How about the power To move you (Tenacious D) • Rain wouldn't dare to fall near you here (Pet Shop Boys) •

Music-wise : Pop, Dance Pop, Rock, R&B

‘Vous Avez Dit Bizarre’ N°651 – 2010s Music Videos

Bizarre Quotes • He's down in the kitchen, drinking White Lightning (Jake Bugg) • He needs a dollar but he ain't got enough (5 Seconds Of Summer) • Sometimes I don't even mean it It takes a little while to figure me out (Little Mix) • I'm tryna speak, you're not listening (MK, Jonas Blue, Becky Hill) • Yeah, I already got everything I need (Zedd) • Never coming back down Can't you see? (Harry Styles) • Where else can I go? Where else can I go? (Naughty Boy)

Music-wise : Boy Band, Boy Band, Electronic, Folk-Pop, Hip Hop, House, Modern Rock, Pop, R&B