A Match Made In Blues Heaven

From ‘God don’t like it’ to ‘Devil Is Watching You’, we have mixed 16 ‘Blues‘ tunes around the theme of ‘God vs Devil, Good vs Evil‘. It has Blind Gary Davis, Meade Lux Lewis, Muddy Waters, Reverend Utah Smith and many more.

IMAGE : the devil and snow white Photo by Gabu-chan

Reverend Gary Davis : Early musical experiences at Center Raven Baptist Church in Gray Court, South Carolina, were at the core of strong religious convictions that helped him cope with blindness, and in 1933 he was ordained as minister of the Free Baptist Connection Church in Washington, North Carolina. .

Arhoolie : Big Joe Williams played a 9-string guitar which he pounded, slapped and drove like a demented downhill slalom through a thicket of seminal Delta blues, singing in a gutsy, raw, emotion-exhausting voice.

Bluesnet : Blind Willie McTell married Ruth Kate Williams in 1934. Willie traveled constantly, while Kate stayed home pursuing a career as an army nurse. In a 1977 interview, Kate McTell recalled Willie’s response when she asked why he traveled so frequently, “He said ‘Baby, I was born a rambler. I’m gonna ramble until I die, but I’m preparing you to live after I’m gone”

austin360.com : When Jack White of the red-hot White Stripes announced “It’s good to be in Texas, the home of Blind Willie Johnson,” at Stubb’s in June, most in the soldout crowd likely had never heard of the gospel blues singer/guitarist from Marlin who pioneered a ferocity that still lives in modern rock.

Musicmaker : I never drank or smoked in my life. I traveled all over the United States with the church. I believe in the Holiness. I base my preaching on Hebrew 12:14. To follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man can see the Lord. (Elder Anderson Johnson)

Elijah Wald : Josh White’s life is the history of black American music finding a white audience, of folk music and the American left, and of a man who remade himself time and time again, fighting discrimination, stereotypes, and his own personal demons to become one of the world’s most successful black entertainers…

Reverend Frost : Reverend Utah Smith made just six recordings during his lifetime (and three of them were different versions of the same song, « two wings »!), but that was enough to leave his mark on gospel music ! (btw any version of Two Wings is astonishing). Enjoy !

PLAYLIST : Blind Willie & Kate McTel – God don’t like it (2.45) . Aretha Franklin – Evil Gal Blues (2.43) . Big Joe Williams – King Jesus (1.15) . Blind Gary Davis – Lord. I Feel Just Like Goin’ On (3.30) . Josh White – My soul gonna leave with god (2.57) . Lightnin’ Hopkins – Devil Is Watching You (4.01) . Muddy Waters – Evil (2.19) . James Cotton & Charlie Haden Quartet – Dealin’ With The Devil (3.36) . Blind Willie Johnson – God moves on the water (2.59) . Elder Anderson Johnson – God Don’t Like it (3.07) . Robert Nighthawk – Sweet Black Angel (3.04) . Reverend Utah Smith – God’s mighty hand (2.47) . Albert King – Angel of Mercy (5.50) . Meade Lux Lewis – Nearer My God To Thee (3.27) . Howlin Wolf – Evil is going on (2.51) . Mahalia Jackson – There’s not a friend like Jesus (2.38) .


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