A World of Belly Dancers

Featuring Soheir Zaki . Gal Shimron . Drum Solo . Warda Nagwa Fouad . Ansuya . Sallam Alay . Sonia . Leila . Belly Dance . Alla Kushnir . Maya Said

A World of Belly Dancers

Bellydance Museum : Belly dance has evolved in many different countries through different ways and little is preserved to give an idea how it was centuries ago. This collection has pieces as old as 1714, probably the earliest account on printed paper.

Oriental Dancer : Welcome to Belly dance Idol! An online competition where you decide the winners! The Belly dance Idol category is open to multiple styles of Oriental dance, including Egyptian, Lebanese, Turkish…

Serpentine Communications : Suhair Zaki came officially out of retirement in May 2001 to teach several hundred dancers from around the world at Raqia Hassan’s annual “Ahlan We Sahlan” festival in Cairo.(5) Since then she has made an annual appearance at the event, teaching workshops and enjoying the shows.

Bellydance Superstars : The pressure is on to continue pushing the envelope of the bellydance art form to compete alongside major shows like Riverdance and the Royal Ballet, all the while remaining true to the essence of bellydance. Meanwhile it should be said that the Bellydance Superstars have never pretended to be traditionalists.

All About Belly Dancing! : Belly rolls are controlled by three sets of muscles in your abdomen. There is the diaphragm, which is between the navel and the rib cage, the pelvic muscles, which are below the navel, and the obliques which run vertically on each side from the pelvis to just below the breast.

Bellydance by Anthea (Kawakib, Atesh) : Finger cymbals are one of the most identifiable aspects of bellydancing. I can’t count how many times I’ve told people what I do, and they ask, “Do you play those (insert odd descriptive terms here)?” while clicking their fingers together to demonstrate what they mean. Yes, ‘finger cymbals’. “Ohhhh…..”

Belly Dance NY : Dear Aunt Isis, I have been dancing professionally for thirteen years. I think many of us start at a mature age with this dance…it’s not a “kid’s dance.” I do all kinds of family oriented parties, and have been busy enough to please myself. I am 46.

Tour Egypt : The dance which Americans know as “belly dance” has gone by many names. The French who found the dance named it “dance du ventre”, or dance of the stomach. It is know in Greece as the cifte telli (also the name of a Turkish rhythm), in Turkey as rakkase and in Egypt as Raks Sharki. Middle Easterners also call it “danse orientale” to distinguish it from the “balady”, or country, dance. It developed through the influence of many different areas and continues its long process of development today.

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