AC/DC release ‘Stiff Upper Lip,’ the last one produced by the oldest Young brother, George (2000)

AC/DC’s ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ is their thirteenth (fourteenth in Australia) studio album released on February 28 , 2000 by East West.

Track Listing : 1.Stiff Upper Lip (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:34 . 2.Meltdown (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:41 . 3.House Of Jazz (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:56 . 4.Hold Me Back (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:59 . 5.Safe In New York City (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:59 . 6.Can’T Stand Still (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:41 . 7.Can’T Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 04:02 . 8.Satellite Blues (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:46 . 9.Damned (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:52 . 10.Come And Get It (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 04:02 . 11.All Screwed Up (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 04:36 . 12.Give It Up (Angus Young, Malcolm Young) – 03:54

Andy Morahan

Musicians : Ac/Dc – Band . Brian Johnson – Lead Vocals . Angus Young – Lead Guitar . Malcolm Young – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar On (6), Backing Vocals . Cliff Williams – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals . Phil Rudd – Drums

Production : Produced By George Young . Mike Fraser – Engineer, Mixing . Dean Maher – Assistant Engineer . George Marino – Mastering . Noel Rafferty – Engineer

Package : Alli – Art Direction . George Chin – Photography . Alan Di Perna – Liner Notes . Dean Karr – Photography . Bob King – Photography . Jeffrey Mayer – Photography . Martin Philbey – Photography

Recorded September–October 1999 At The Warehouse Studio In Vancouver, British Columbia.

Released On February 28, 2000 By East West.

Video Director(s) : Andy Morahan asterisques RVM for “Satellite Blues”


Hey, it still sounds like he gargles motor oil every morning, but he hits every track with a different approach, thus changing every intro on the album along with him. Its a very interesting change that I really cant explain, you’ll have to check it out yourself. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
How Brotherly Help Got AC/DC Back to Basics on ‘Stiff Upper LipThis was likely because, for the first time in 12 years and only the second time in 20, guitarists Malcolm and Angus Young were leaning on their elder brother George to handle production duties, just as he had (alongside longtime Easybeats partner Harry Vanda) for the group’s first handful of career-defining LPs back in the late ‘70s. […]

And you can take your self-parody and stick it up yer arse because the ‘DC’s power actually derives from their utter inevitability. You know what’s coming and, when it comes, it’s always great. Each song starts at the start. […]


AC/DC’s ‘Stiff Upper Lip’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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