Warner Bros. publish Al Jarreau’s live album : ‘Look to the Rainbow’ (1977)

Al Jarreau‘s ‘Look to the Rainbow’ is a live album recorded in Europe and released on May 27, 1977 by Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. publish Al Jarreau’s live  album : ‘Look to the Rainbow’ (1977)

Track Listing : 1.Letter Perfect (Al Jarreau) – 05:16 . 2.Rainbow In Your Eyes (Leon Russell) – 06:17 . 3.One Good Turn (Al Jarreau) – 06:30 . 4.Could You Believe (Al Jarreau) – 06:49 . 5.Burst In With The Dawn (Al Jarreau) – 07:24 . 6.Better Than Anything (Bill Loughborough, David Wheat) – 05:08 . 7.So Long Girl (Al Jarreau) – 03:44 . 8.Look To The Rainbow (Yip Harburg, Burton Lane) – 07:54 . 9.You Don’T See Me (Al Jarreau) – 06:44 . 10.Take Five (Paul Desmond) – 07:20 . 11.Loving You (Al Jarreau) – 05:00 . 12.We Got By (Al Jarreau) – 06:57

Musicians : Al Jarreau – Vocals . Abraham Laboriel – Bass . Joe Correro – Percussion . Lynn Blessing – Vibraphone . Tom Canning – Keyboards

Production : Produced By Al Schmitt, Tommy Lipuma Al Schmitt – Mixing . Don Henderson – Assistant Engineer . Doug Hopkins – Assistant Engineer . Merryn – Assistant Engineer . Tim Summerhayes – Assistant Engineer . Mike Reese – Mastering

Package : John Cabalka – Art Direction . Eric Monson – Design . Gesiue – Photography . Rakete – Photography . Spiller – Photography . Valentine – Photography

Recorded In January – February 1977 At Rak Records Mobile In Europe; Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood.

Released On May 27, 1977 By Warner Bros.

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Call it Jarreau’s Live at Budokan. Releasing a live album after only two studio recordings is an unusual move, but there’s always been a marked difference between Jarreau as a studio artist and a live performerand the suits at Warner Bros. must have figured this out quickly […]

One Track Mind: Al Jarreau, Rainbow In Your Eyes (1977)My favorite part is when he smoothly segues from his natural range to briefly mimic a female vocal part at the beginning of the second verse and instantly switches back to his “normal” voice all in the same breath…pretty slick stuff if you ask me. You have to hear it to believe it, so why don’t ya’? […]

Unfortunately, Al Jarreau essentially started on top, artistically speakingand has since been intent on emphasizing potential commercial appeal over any possible innovations or chance-taking. […]


Al Jarreau‘s ‘Look to the Rainbow’


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