Stax Records release Albert King’s ‘In Session’ recorded for Canadian television with Stevie Ray Vaughan (1999)

Albert King‘s ‘In Session’ is an album recorded live for Canadian television with Stevie Ray Vaughan and released on August 17, 1999 by Stax Records.

Track listing : 1.Call It Stormy Monday (Aaron “T-Bone” Walker) – 08:59 . 2.Old Times – 1:15 . 3.Pride and Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 05:57 . 4.Ask Me No Questions (B.B. King) – 05:02 . 5.Pep Talk – 0:51 . 6.Blues at Sunrise (Albert King) – 15:08 . 7.Turn It Over – 0:51 . 8.Overall Junction (Albert King) – 08:19 . 9.Match Box Blues (Blind Lemon Jefferson) – 07:38 . 10.Who Is Stevie? – 0:43 . 11.Don’t Lie to Me (Hudson Whittaker) – 08:56 .

Musicians : Albert King – Electric Guitar, Vocals . Stevie Ray Vaughan – Electric Guitar, Vocals only on Song 3 . Tony Llorens – Piano, Organ . Gus Thornton – Bass . Michael Llorens – Drums .

Production Produced by Ian Anderson, Bill Belmont . Doug McClement – Engineer . George Horn – Mastering .

Packaging : Jamie Putnam – Art Direction . Dan Forte – Liner Notes . Bill Belmont – Liner Notes .

Recorded on December 6, 1983, at CHCH-TV studios in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada .

Released on August 17, 1999 by Stax Records.

(Source Albert King‘s ‘In Session’ | Stevie Ray Vaughan – Official Site)


This is the only known recording of two giants of the genre playing together and is a must-own for anyone with even a casual interest in the blues. […]

Whenever the phrase “musical summit” starts being bandied about, my bullshit meter powers up. The well-worn phrase all too often is shorthand for “cynical crossover marketing tie-in” or “desperate bid to regain relevance.” I’m happy to report that the pairing of Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan is the exception that proves the rule. […]

Guitar Noize
Put Albert King, one of the most influential blues guitarist/vocalists of all time and Stevie Ray Vaughan, probably THE most influential and talented blues guitarists/vocalists of all time together with a band and press record, surely you can’t fail to capture something magical. Well they didand it is. […]


Albert King‘s ‘In Session’



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