Albert King records ‘Live Wire Blues Power’ at the Fillmore in San Francisco (1968)

Albert King‘s ‘Live Wire Blues Power’ is an album recorded live on June 26, 1968 at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco and released by By Stax Records.


Albert King records ‘Live Wire Blues Power’ at the Fillmore in San Francisco (1968)

1 . Blues Power (9/23/1970, Fillmore East )

2 . Blues at Sunrise (w/ Stevie ray Vaughan)

Track Listing : 1.Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) – 04:04 . 2.Blues Power (Albert King) – 10:18 . 3.Night Stomp (Raymond Jackson, Albert King) – 05:49 . 4.Blues At Sunrise (Albert King) – 08:44 . 5.Please Love Me (B.B. King, Jules Taub) – 04:01 . 6.Look Out (Albert King) – 05:20

Musicians : Albert King – Guitar, Vocals . Willie James Exon – Guitar . James Washington – Organ . Roosevelt Pointer – Bass . Theotis Morgan – Drums

Production : Produced By Al Jackson, Jr. Ron Capone – Engineer . Bill Halverson – Engineer

Package : Gene Simmons – Liner Notes

Recorded On June 26, 1968 At The Fillmore Auditorium In San Francisco.

ReleasedBy Stax Records.

(Source Albert King – Live Wire Blues Power | Albert King @ Wikipedia)


Scott’s Rock and Soul Album Reviews
Long story short, this is a great (if unfortunately short) live album, because King is a great performer and guitar player, and if you like this album you should also check out Wednesday Night in San Francisco and Thursday Night in San Francisco, both of which were released much later but whose songs originated from the same Fillmore concerts. […]

Rolling Stone
In other words, this is not the place to look for something shockingly new, “inventive,” surreal, etc. Here is just one man’s reworking of a classic format to make an intensely personal statement, invoking all the cliches without becoming for one second a cliche itself. […]

The band is fine, but ultimately it’s King’s show — he makes Herbie Hancock‘s “Watermelon Man” dirty and funky and wrings out all the emotion from “Blues at Sunrise.” […]


Albert King‘s ‘Live Wire Blues Power’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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