We remember Ali Farka Toure. ‘Ali Farka Koy’

This day (March 7, 2006), in Bamako, Mali, died Ali Ibrahim ‘Farka’ Touré, a Malian singer and guitarist,.

Tracklist :

Diaraby . w/ Toumani Diabaté – In The Heart Of The Moon . Dofana . Blues Origins . Hawa Dolo . Tounguere (1998) . Savane .

Tracklist :

Ai Du . Machengoidi . Savane . Yer Bounda Fara . Ruby . Penda Yoro . Erdi . Mali Dje . Allah Uya . Amandrai .


Released on February 23, 2010, Ali and Toumani is an album by Malian musicians Ali Farka Touré on guitar and Toumani Diabaté on kora. >>

Recorded on October 4, 1987, Ali Farka Touré is the first major album by Ali Farka Touré. >>

Ali Farka Touré’s Savane is his final solo (and the third and final part of the Hôtel Mandé Sessions) album, released on July 17, 2006. >>


[2004] Ali Farka Touré plays with Ali Magassa (g, voc),Basekou Kouyate (n’goni), Souleymane Kane(cabaça, djembé, voc), Oumar Hamadoun Touré (congas, voc), Oumar Diallo (b) and Toumani Diabaté(kora) at Africa Festival Lisboa 2005 in Lisbon, Portugal >> 7 MINUTES on RVM >>


Wikipedia : This day (March 7, 2006), in Bamako, Mali, died Ali Ibrahim ‘Farka’ Touré, a Malian singer and guitarist,.

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Mali Music : ln 1987 for the first time since the Festival of Sofia in 1968, Touré travelled alone outside of Mali to play his first concert. Showing no signs of nerves or unfamiliarity with his surroundings and with absolute and supreme confidence in his music he played a masterful series of shows winning audiences everywhere.

@last.fm : Ali Ibrahim “Farka” Touré was born in 1939 (he did not know the exact date of birth) in the Muslim village of Kanau, near Gourma Rharous, on the banks of the Niger River, in the northwestern Malian region of Tombouctou. He was the tenth son of his mother but the only one to survive past infancy. His nickname, “Farka”, chosen by his parents, means “donkey” – an animal admired for its tenacity and stubbornness

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