We Remember Alice Coltrane

We Remember Alice Coltrane

January 12, 2007 – Alice Coltrane also known as Turiyasangitananda or Turiya Alice Coltrane, American pianist, organist, harpist, singer & composer passed away aged 69. She is remembered.


Recorded on June 16 & September 22, 1965 and February 2, 1966, “Infinity” is a posthumous album (featuring overdubs with strings added by by Alice Coltrane to her husband’s pieces) by John Coltrane. >>

Recorded between April 6 & June 1971, “Universal Consciousness” was the fifth solo album released by Alice Coltrane. >>

Recorded on February 15, 1967, “Stellar Regions” is a posthumous release by John Coltrane, discovered in 1994 by the artist’s wife, Alice Coltrane. >>

Recorded on February 9, 1970, “Extensions” is an album by McCoy Tynerr with Gary Bartz, Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Elvin Jones and Alice Coltrane on two tracks. >>

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