Alice Russell – To Dust

Released on February 26, 2013, ‘To Dust‘ is the fifth studio album by the a British soul singer Alice Russell.




Track listing 1.A to Z (Alice Russell) – 01:312.Heartbreaker, Pt. 2 (Alice Russell) – 03:303.For a While (Alice Russell) – 04:524.Heartbreaker (Alice Russell) – 03:415.I Loved You Interlude (Alice Russell) – 00:346.Hard & Strong (Alice Russell) – 04:047.To Dust (Alice Russell) – 03:118.I Loved You (Alice Russell) – 03:579.Twin Peaks (Alice Russell) – 04:3010.Heartbreaker Interlude (Alice Russell) – 01:1611.Let Go (Breakdown) (Alice Russell) – 03:1512.Drinking Song Interlude (Alice Russell) – 02:0213.Citizens (Alice Russell) – 02:4514.Different (Alice Russell) – 05:21PersonnelAlice RussellProducer Alice RussellReleased by Differ-ant. & Tru Thoughts on February 26, 2013.
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All in all To Dust puts Alice Russell back in the Top of English Chanteuses League. As soon as I hit that play button I was transported to my own little sultry, smoky, soul-induced world for 45 glorious minutes. And with every subsequent listen I’m straight back there.

This album is another addition to Alice Russell’s impeccable back catalogue. You do wonder how long it will be before the rest of the world catches on, or maybe they won’t. For Russell is an old school musician. It’s about the music, about being true to her beliefs and not seeking quick fix solutions for short-term gains.

Where soul has often become a catch-all for impressive feats of sultry lyrical dexterity that sometimes forget to add much genuine emotion, Russell imbues her sonic palette with a heartfelt honesty that was behind the naming of the genre in the first place


Alice Russell – To Dust

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