Alicia Keys releases her third album : ‘As I Am’ featuring ‘No One’ ‘Like You’ll Never See Me Again’ and ‘Superwoman’ (2007)

Alicia Keys‘ ‘As I Am’ feat. ‘No One’ is her third studio album and released on November 13, 2007 by J Records.

Track Listing : 1.As I Am (Intro) (Frédéric Chopin, Alicia Keys) – 01:52 . 2.Go Ahead (Alicia Keys, Mark Batson, Kerry Brothers Jr., Marsha Ambrosius) – 04:36 . 3.Superwoman (Alicia Keys, Linda Perry, Steve Mostyn) – 04:34 . 4.No One (Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers Jr., George Harry) – 04:14 . 5.Like You’Ll Never See Me Again (Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers Jr.) – 05:15 . 6.Lesson Learned (Alicia Keys, John Mayer) – 04:14 . 7.Wreckless Love (Alicia Keys, Jack Splash, Harold Lilly) – 03:53 . 8.The Thing About Love (Alicia Keys, Linda Perry) – 03:50 . 9.Teenage Love Affair (Alicia Keys, Jack Splash, Harold Lilly, Josephine Bridges, Carl Hampton, Tom Nixon) – 03:10 . 10.I Need You (Alicia Keys, Mark Batson, Harold Lilly, Paul Green) – 05:10 . 11.Where Do We Go From Here (Alicia Keys, Kerry Brothers Jr., Harold Lilly, Mary Frierson, Johnnie Frierson) – 04:11 . 12.Prelude To A Kiss (Alicia Keys) – 02:08 . 13.Tell You Something (Nana’S Reprise) (Alicia Keys, Novel Stevenson, Ron Haney, Kerry Brothers Jr., Paul Green, Steve Mostyn) – 04:28 . 14.Sure Looks Good To Me (Alicia Keys, Linda Perry) – 04:31

Thierry Le Goues

Musicians : Alicia Keys – Vocals, Piano, Fender Rhodes Piano, Harpsichord, Wurlitzer Organ, Mellotron, Synthesizer, Bass Synthesizer, Moog Synthesizer, String Synthesizer, Vocoder, Programming, Background Vocals . Mark Batson – Piano, Clavinet, Hammond B-3 Organ, Moog Synthesizer, Programming, Drum Programming . Kerry Krucial Brothers – Drum Programming . Michael Dease – Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone . Darryl Dixon – Alto Saxophone . Duane Eubanks – Trumpet . Damon Fox – Hammond C-3 Organ, Mellotron, Minimoog . Ron Haney – Guitar . Everette K. Harp – Saxophone . Bria Harper – Violinist, Background Vocalist . David Ryan Harris – Guitar . Sean Hurley – Bass Guitar . Paul Ill – Bass Guitar . Steve Jordan – Drums . Ryan Kebrle – Tenor Trombone . Harry Kim – Trombone . Trevor Lawrence, Jr. – Drums, Percussion . Carl Maraghi – Baritone Saxophone . John Mayer – Guitar, Vocals On (6) . Steve Mostyn – Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar . Linda Perry – Piano, Background Vocals . Mark Robohm – Drums . John Salvatore Scaglione – Guitar . Jumaane Smith – Trumpet . John Jubu Smith – Guitar . Jack Splash – Various, Programming . David G. Stout – Trumpet . Jason Sugata – French Horn . Ron Thayler – Drums Acoustic . Peter Thorn – Guitar . David Watson – Tenor Saxophone . Novel Stevenson – Background Vocals . L. Green – Background Vocals . Ivan F. Reyes – Background Vocals . Harold Lilly – Background Vocals

Chris Robinson‘>

Production : Produced By Alicia Keys, Kerry Krucial Brothers, Linda Perry, Mark Batson, John Mayer, Jack Splash . Andrew Chavez – Engineer . Vincent Creusot – Engineer . Brendan Dekora – Engineer . Chad Franscoviak – Engineer . Keith Gretlein – Engineer . Zach Hancock – Engineer . Stuart White – Engineer . Seth Waldmann – Engineer . Seamus Tyson – Engineer . Glenn Pittman – Engineer . Ann Mincieli – Engineer . Manny Marroquin – Engineer . Kristofer Kaufman – Engineer . Linda Perry – Engineer,

Package : Kim Biggs – Art Direction, Design . Thierry Le Goues asterisques RVM – Photography . Marni Senofonte – Stylist . Ashunta Sheriff – Make-Up . Alli Truch – Art Direction, Design

Recorded 2005–2007 At Glenwood Place Studios (Burbank, California); Pie Studios (Glen Cove, New York); Conway Studios, Henson Studios (Hollywood, Los Angeles, California); Oven Studios (Long Island, New York); Kung Fu Gardens (Los Angeles, California); Legacy Recording Studios (New York City, New York); Plus Xxx (Paris, France).

Released On November 13, 2007 By J Records.

Video Director(s) : Justin Francis for “No One” . Diane Martel for “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” . Chris Robinson Chris Robinson‘>asterisques RVM for “Teenage Love Affair” and “Superwoman”

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It is a frustrating, mixed bag of an album. You get a sense of her huge talent but it feels like in trying to make a modern classic that is in keeping with Keys’ huge stature, they have played it too safe. […]
And although that sensibility showed up from time to time in her previous albums, this is the first of her releases that’s almost completely entrenched in R&B and Soul music. It’s just Alicia, her piano and a few uncomplicated chords that are beautiful in their simplicity. […]

And so even though As I Am is a flawed work — a little too poppy, a little too clichéd — it is also indicative of what Keys can and will doand that she is someone, thanks to her curiosity, intelligenceand natural talent, who will be able to mature and grow for years to come. […]


Alicia Keys‘ ‘As I Am’ feat. ‘No One’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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