Alicia Keys releases her sixth album : ‘Here’ featuring ‘In Common’ (2016)

Alicia Keys‘ ‘Here’ is her sixth studio album, released on November 4, 2016 by RCA


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Alicia Keys releases her sixth album : ‘Here’ featuring ‘In Common’ (2016)

Track Listing : 1.The Beginning (Interlude) (Alicia Keys) – 01:04 . 2.The Gospel (Mark Batson, Kasseem Dean, Robert Diggs, Jason Hunter, Alicia Keys, Shawn Martin, Corey Woods) – 03:02 . 3.Pawn It All (Mark Batson, Kasseem Dean, Alicia Keys, Harold Lilly) – 03:10 . 4.Elaine Brown (Interlude) (Alicia Keys) – 00:50 . 5.Kill Your Mama (Alicia Keys, Emeli Sandé) – 02:40 . 6.She Don’T Really Care_1 Luv (William Henry Allen, Roy Ayers, Edwin Birdsong, Walter Booker, Kasseem Dean, Kamaal Fareed, Tyrone Johnson, Ali Shaheed Jones-Muhammad, Alicia Keys, Charles Stepney) – 06:07 . 7.Elevate (Interlude) (Alicia Keys) – 00:49 . 8.Illusion Of Bliss (Mark Batson, Kasseem Dean, Alicia Keys, Harold Lilly) – 05:23 . 9.Blended Family (What You Do For Love) (Brandon Aly, Edie Brickell, John Bush, John Houser, Latisha Hyman, Alicia Keys, Dave Kuncio, Rakim Mayers, Kenneth Withrow) – 03:31 . 10.Work On It (Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams) – 03:34 . 11.Cocoa Butter (Cross & Pic Interlude) (Alicia Keys) – 01:00 . 12.Girl Can’T Be Herself (Mark Batson, Alicia Keys, Harold Lilly, Shawn Martin) – 02:39 . 13.You Glow (Interlude) (Alicia Keys) – 00:26 . 14.More Than We Know (Mark Batson, Latisha Hyman, Alicia Keys, Harold Lilly, Shawn Martin) – 04:35 . 15.Where Do We Begin Now (Mark Batson, Alicia Keys, Harold Lilly) – 02:47 . 16.Holy War (Alicia Keys, Carlo Montagnese, Billy Walsh) – 04:22

Paola Kudacki

Keeley Gould

Musicians : Alicia Keys – Vocals, Drum Programming, Rhodes Piano, Keyboards, Moog Taurus, Piano . Asap Rocky – Vocals On (9) . Roy Ayers – Vibraphone, Background Vocals On (6) . Mark Batson – Piano, Drum Programming . Dave Kuncio – Guitar . Harold Lilly – Drum Programming . Musicmanty – Drum Programming . Pharrell Williams – Drum Programming, Rhodes Piano, Moog Taurus, Background Vocals . Tish Hyman – Background Vocals . Illangelo – Instrumentation, Background Vocals

Pierre Debusschere

Hype Williams

Production : Produced By Mark Batson, Musicmanty, Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatzn The Il’Luminaries . Mark Batson – Engineer . Val Brathwaite – Mixing Assistant . John Cranfield – Mixing Assistant . Sean Klein – Mixing Assistant . David Kutch – Mastering . Mike Larson – Engineer . Ken Lewis – Engineer . Tony Maserati – Mixing . Ann Mincieli – Engineer, Mixing . Zeke Mishanec – Vocal Engineer . Brendan Morawski – Mixing Assistant . Kevin Peterson – Mastering Assistant . Ramón Rivas – Mixing Assistant . Tyler Scott – Mixing Assistant

Arrangements : Alicia Keys

Package : Meghan Foley – Art Direction . Erwin Gorostiza – Creative Direction . Arthur Johnson – Videography . Paola Kudacki asterisques RVM – Photography . Earle Sebastian – Creative Direction

Recorded 2015 – 2016.

Released On November 4, 2016 By Rca.

Video Director(s) : Pierre Debusschere asterisques RVM and Keeley Gould asterisques RVM for “In Common” . Hype Williams asterisques RVM for “Blended Family (What You Do for Love)” .

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There’s happiness, hope and healing on Here too. But make no mistake – this is an infectiously fired-up Alicia Keys unlike we’ve seen before, whose frustration at the systems ending lives before they really begin can no longer be contained. […]

From life-lessons and self-love anthems, Keys’ Here is not only a raw account of her life and experiences within her native land, but an open dialog about America’s turbulent state, her lyrics littered with aggravation and reflected mostly on the socially-charged anthem “Holy War,” the night’s closing hymn. […]

The WAll STreet Journal
‘Here’ by Alicia Keys Review: The Rewards of Risk Taking As part of a musical movement, and on its own, “Here” delivers a satisfying, enriching experience from a woman who, by respecting her audience enough to challenge it with change, engenders respect in return. […]


Alicia Keys‘ ‘Here’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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