Polydor publish Allan Holdsworth’s ninth album ‘None Too Soon’ (1996)

Allan Holdsworth‘s ‘None Too Soon’ is his ninth studio album released on September 24, 1996.

Track Listing : 1.Countdown (John Coltrane) – 03:11 . 2.Nuages (Django Reinhardt) – 05:41 . 3.How Deep Is The Ocean (Irving Berlin) – 05:29 . 4.Isotope (Joe Henderson) – 05:41 . 5.None Too Soon Pt I/Interlude/None Too Soon Pt Ii (Gordon Beck) – 07:44 . 6.Norwegian Wood (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 05:55 . 7.Very Early (Bill Evans) – 07:42 . 8.San Marcos (Gordon Beck) – 03:24 . 9.Inner Urge (Joe Henderson) – 06:14

Musicians : Allan Holdsworth – Guitar, Synthaxe . Gordon Beck – Digital Piano . Kirk Covington – Drums . Gary Willis – Bass

Production : Produced By Allan Holdsworth . Allan Holdsworth – Engineer, Mixing . Bernie Grundman – Mastering

Package : David Coralnick – Photography . David Flores – Photography . Rick Gould – Photography . Christopher Hoard – Photography

Recorded In October 1994 At The Brewery In North County, San Diego.

Released On September 24, 1996 By Polydor.

(Source Allan Holdsworth‘s ‘None Too Soon’ | The Real Allan Holdsworth.com)


All About Jazz
Holdsworth takes a bop-oriented approach to Joe Henderson‘s “Isotope,” twisting and elongating melodic phrases like a sharp John Scofieldand, after another sparkling Beck solo, returns for a closing solo that explodes with the bright yet brittle metallic edge of harder rock guitar. […]

His multilayered, frenetic style is what fascinates his audience, but he is showing a need to calm down at timesand adopt different sounds aside from the single crystalline entity for which he is known. […]

And because of the the extensive improvisational jazz piano, coupled with the fact that the material on the album is interpretations of jazz standards, the music comes across as a 3-piece lounge band performing in an intimate smoke-filled night club – neither rock … nor prog … or fusion. A bit bland for my taste. […]

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