Alphonse Mouzon begins the recording of ‘Mind Transplant’ with Tommy Bolin and Lee Ritenour (1974)

Alphonse Mouzon‘s ‘Mind Transplant’ is his third album recorded between December 4 and 10, 1974 with Tommy Bolin & Lee Ritenour on guitar and released in 1975 By Blue Note.


Alphonse Mouzon begins the recording of ‘Mind Transplant’ with Tommy Bolin and Lee Ritenour (1974)

Track Listing : 1.Mind Transplant (Alphonse Mouzon) – 04:05 . 2.Snow Bound (Alphonse Mouzon) – 03:05 . 3.Carbon Dioxide (Alphonse Mouzon) – 04:38 . 4.Ascorbic Acid (Alphonse Mouzon) – 03:26 . 5.Happiness Is Loving You (Alphonse Mouzon) – 04:09 . 6.Some Of The Things People Do (Alphonse Mouzon) – 03:40 . 7.Golden Rainbows (Alphonse Mouzon) – 06:56 . 8.Nitroglycerine (Alphonse Mouzon) – 03:04

Musicians : Jerry Peters – Electric Piano, Organ . Tommy Bolin – Guitar . Lee Ritenour – Guitar . Jay Graydon – Guitar, Programming . Henry Davis – Electric Bass

Production : Produced By Skip Drinkwater . Fred Catero – Engineer . David Coffin – Assistant Engineer . George Horn – Mastering . Gary Lubow – Assistant Engineer

Package : Bob Cato – Art Direction . Ria Lewerke – Design . Doug Metzler – Photography . Lloyd Ziff – Art Direction

Recorded December 4, 5, 6, 9 & 10, 1974.

Released In 1975 By Blue Note.

(Source Alphonse Mouzon – Mind Transplant | Alphonse Mouzon @ Wikipedia)


MarcFeld @ RateYourMusic
I have never heard anything like this before. I listened this record while reading “Touched by magic” named book which tells the story of Tommy Bolin. Tommy also plays guitar on this album. Mixed with Alphonse´s great drumming those things are the highlight-elements of this album. […]

Where Cobham used Bolin’s aggressive playing as a counterpoint to Jan Hammer, Mouzon features the guitarist as the primary attraction. The tunes themselves may not be as memorable as, say, “Red Baron” or “Stratus,” but the playing is no less inspired. […]

Jeffrey G. S. @ Amazon
Although I like ‘MT’ and rate it highly among my jazz-rock collection, I don’t place it quite on the level of ‘Spectrum’ and others….here’s why; Above all else, this album seems very contrived. […]


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