From ‘Remind Me’ to ‘Forgetting To Remember’ , we have mixed 20 ‘Lady Jazz Singers‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Remembering‘. It has Claire Martin, Dolores Duran, Irany e Seu Conjunto, Trijntje Oosterhuis and many more.

IMAGE : almost forgot – again !! Photo by Leeky-Boy

Helen Merrill on allmusic: Merrill, who was married for a period to clarinetist Aaron Sachs, had opportunities to sit in with some of the top modernists of the time, including Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and Bud Powell. She was with Earl Hines in 1952 and started recording regularly for EmArcy in 1954.

Tru Thoughts : Espen Horne the producer behind the Kinny & Horne project is a man of many talents. He has studied fashion design resulting in him selling dresses to Bjork (one of which she has wore in a video) and him getting a job at Dolce & Gabbana, before deciding that the fashion industry was not where his heart was. : Chavela Vargas doesn’t deny, however, that she gained her slight limp from jumping out of a window because a woman disappointed her in love. If that’s true, Vargas in her youth was every bit as romantic as the music she sang.

Haris Alexiou on Wikipedia : Haris Alexiou appeared in the Greek musical scene in the early 1970s. Her charismatic voice, combined with a unique way of performing and a strong scenic presence, very soon led her to the top. Today she is still at the top, always working hard, always seeking new ways of expression and always giving prestige and value to the contemporary light and popular Greek music. She has worked with the most important Greek songwriters, has performed at the greatest musical theatres in all five continents and has received several important awards.

Teresa Cristina on Amazon : Teresa Cristina is the revelation of “root samba”. Singing in Rio’s samba night clubs since late 90’s, Teresa and groupo Semente are the most exciting thing in samba nowadays. Their choice to play Paulinho da Viola is very intelligent, since he turned 60 last year’s.

Patty Ascher on MySpace : “Patty is a diamond we discovered and need to show the world. With her unique interpretation and very personal style, I’m quite sure she’ll make her mark in our rich music scene” – reflects Menescal, with the wisdom of someone who has produced great names of the brazilian music like Gal Costa, Ivan Lins, Elis Regina and Wanda Sá.

Carmen y Laura on : Widely regarded as the first female duet to record in both Spanish and English, Carmen y Laura were also one of the first Tejano acts to introduce blues, swing, and boleros into their repertoire, recording and touring well into the 1970s and earning admission into the Tejano Conjunto Hall of Fame

Patrice Rushen : The critically lauded, chart topping style she championed in the 70’s and 80’s — a jazz/R&B/pop fusion that combines melodic accessibility with instrumental prowess. This not only became her signature style, but also has continued to be a mainstay of popular radio.

PLAYLIST : Patrice Rushen – Remind Me (5.19) . Trijntje Oosterhuis – To Forget You (4.10) . Carmen Y Laura with Orquestra de Jan Colorado – No Pidas Olvido (2.43) . Haris Alexiou – Everthing Reminds Me Of Me (3.50) . Ann Nesby – Never Forget You Remembered (3.42) . Teresa Cristina e Grupo Semente – A Gente Esquece (3.09) . Chavela Vargas – Se Me Olvidó Otra Vez (3.15) . Ella Fitzgerald – Remind Me (3.49) . Claire Martin – Forget me (4.00) . Irany e Seu Conjunto – Pra Esquecer (2.41) . Blanca Rosa Gil y Orquesta Cosmopolita – Amor y Olvido (3.07) . Gloria Lasso – L’oubli (2.53) . Etta James – These Foolish Things (Remind Of You) (4.00) . Dolores Duran – Esquecimento (2.30) . Jazzamor – Forget Yesterday (4.00) . Alvaro Camilo – Se Te Olvida (La Mentira) (3.29) . Marilia Batista – Pra Esquecer (2.30) . Kinny And Horne – Forgetting To Remember (3.31) . Patty Ascher – (There’s always) Something there to remind me (4.33) . Helen Merrill – If I Forget You (3.23) .


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