Animated New Music Videos – N°126

Here are the brand new (animated only) music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and musical or visual liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

50 . Chinese Man – Too Late (w/ Stogie T, Kt Gorique & FP)

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Chinese Man, a French trip-hop and rap collective formed in 2004, blends rap, electronic, and trip-hop. Known for their unique sound, the group, including High Ku, Sly, and Zé Mateo, owns a record label and has released multiple EPs, drawing comparisons with The Herbaliser and DJ Shadow.
Music video directed by : Victor Haegelin

I’Ve Got That Tune (2009)

49 . Boeckner – Lose

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Daniel Boeckner, a Canadian artist, co-founded Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs. His diverse projects include Divine Fits and Operators. Known for blending various music styles, Boeckner‘s 2024 solo album “Boeckner!” under Sub Pop Records is anticipated to showcase his broad musical range.Song featured on the album : Boeckner!

48 . Big Big Train – Miramare

Date Added : janv 18, 2024

Big Big Train, an English progressive rock band, formed in 1990, gained acclaim with albums like “Goodbye to the Age of Steam.” Known for their Genesis-inspired sound, the band won the 2013 Progressive Music Awards’ Breakthrough act.Song featured on the album : The Likes Of Us

Last Eleven (2022)

47 . Hatis Noit – Jomon

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Hatis Noit, a Japanese vocal performer, combines classical, ethnic, and improvisational styles. Her debut EP “Illogical Dance” (2018) and album “Aura” (2022) showcase her innovative vocal interpretations and collaborations with artists like The Bug.
Music video directed by : Naowao

Aura (2022)

46 . Motorowl – Future Nostalgia

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Motorowl, a German hard rock band formed in 2014, blends stoner and psychedelic rock. Their albums “Om Generator” (2016) and “Atlas” (2018) feature a mix of guitar riffs and atmospheric elements.Song featured on the album : This House Has No Center

Atlas (2018)

45 . Yellowcard & Hammock – Ocean Avenue

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

Yellowcard, an American pop-punk band formed in 1997, gained fame with “Ocean Avenue” (2003). Known for their unique violin element, they released albums like “Lights and Sounds” (2006) and disbanded in 2017, reuniting in 2022 for “Childhood Eyes” EP.
Music video directed by : Stefano Bertelli

Ocean Avenue (2009)

44 . James Hype – Drums (w/ Kim Petras) [Tiësto Remix]

Date Added : janv 17, 2024

James Hype, born November 26, 1989, is an English DJ and producer known for EDM. He began his career in 2016 and has collaborated with Warner Music. His work includes managing his label Stereohype and contributing to the EDM scene.

43 . The Smile – Friend Of A Friend

Date Added : janv 12, 2024

The Smile is a British experimental rock supergroup formed in 2021, featuring Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead. They made their debut with performances at The O2 Arena and are known for their innovative music.
Music video directed by : Sabrina Nichols – Song featured on the album : Wall Of Eyes

Pana-Vision (2023)

42 . Bas – Decent (w/ Amaarae)

Date Added : janv 12, 2024

Bas, a Sudanese-American rapper, rose to prominence with his 2014 album “Last Winter” under Dreamville Records. Known for albums like “Too High to Riot” and “Milky Way,” he’s a key contributor to Dreamville’s projects, blending hip-hop with melodic elements.
Music video directed by : Danae Gosset & Houhou

Night Job (W/ J. Cole) (2016)

41 . Eyedress – A Room Up In The Sky (w/ The Marías)

Date Added : janv 12, 2024

From Manila, Eyedress, also known as Idris Vicuña, crafts a unique blend of bedroom pop and hip hop with viral TikTok hits “Jealous” and “Romantic Lover” from his album “Let’s Skip to the Wedding.”
Music video directed by : Prtnd Studios

Jealous (2020)

40 . Zerb – Mwaki (w/ Sofiya Nzau)

Date Added : janv 12, 2024

Zerb is an electronic music producer and DJ known for producing house, deep house, and tech-house music. His track “Paradise” gained attention, and he’s recognized for his infectious beats and melodic elements in electronic dance music.
Music video directed by : Fatboy Animations

39 . Future Islands – Say Goodbye

Date Added : janv 9, 2024

Future Islands is a synth-pop band based in Baltimore, Maryland. The band, known for its unique blend of alternative/indie rock, and New Wave/post-punk revival. Over the years, Future Islands have recorded six studio albums
Music video directed by : Jayla Smith – Song featured on the album : People Who Aren’T There Anymore

Seasons (Waiting On You) (2014)

38 . Caravan Palace – Mirrors

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Caravan Palace, a French electro-swing band formed in Paris, debuted with their self-titled album in 2008. They’re known for their energetic mix of jazz, electronic, and rap. Their 2019 album “Chronologic” continues their evolution, featuring the blend of vintage and modern sounds. They gained fame with “Jolie Coquine” and performed at the Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival.
Music video directed by : Everfresh

Lone Digger (2015)

37 . Dymytry – Five Angry Men

Date Added : janv 6, 2024

Dymytry, the Nu Metal juggernaut from Prague, Czechia, has been active since 2005. Their music is a rebellion wrapped in melodic aggression through albums such as “Revolter” and the recent “Five Angry Men.”
Music video directed by : Natalia Śmiechowic – Song featured on the album : Five Angry Men

Spolu Se Cítíme Živí (2020)

36 . Green Day – One Eyed Bastard

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

With a name that is a nod to the members’ love for marijuana, American rock band, Green Day, was formed in 1987 by lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong and bassist and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt. Drummer Tré Cool joined the band in 1990. Renowned for blending the raw power of punk with the angst of American teenagers, their critically acclaimed albums are “Dookie” (1994) and “American Idiot”
Music video directed by : Rob Fidel

Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (2004)

35 . BPM15Q – Who Are You…?

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

BPM15Q was an idol duo formed in 2015 by Ichigo Rinahamu and Nicamoq, blending J-pop and electronic music. Their single “Hakuchu-mu” achieved success on the iTunes J-pop charts. After Nicamoq’s 2016 departure, the group became CY8ER, adding new members. BPM15Q disbanded in January 2021 but announced a return in April 2022 under Victor Entertainment, reverting to their original name.
Music video directed by : Okiku & Hissya

『はくちゅーむ』 (2016)

34 . Ron Brunk – When You’re Not Around

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Ron Brunk, a West Virginia singer-songwriter, has released over twenty albums across folk, rock, electronic, and country genres. Known for his narrative-driven songs and lyrical storytelling influenced by local coal miner tales and Yankee folklore, Brunk’s single “Five Lights” reflects on personal belief, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”.
Music video directed by : Todd Stotler

Tub Of Love (2019)

33 . Slift – Weavers’ Weft

Date Added : janv 5, 2024

Formed in 2016, Slift is a French rock band from Toulouse, known for their blend of acid, psychedelic, space, and stoner rock. Members Jean and Rémi Fossat, and Canek Flores, released albums “La Planète Inexplorée” (2018) and “Ummon” (2020) that marked a transition to a heavier sound.
Music video directed by : Guthio – Song featured on the album : Ilion

32 . Nolan Taylor – Life/Love

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

Nolan Taylor, from Ohio, reached a broader audience after participating in “The Voice.” His tracks “Wicked Ways” and “Road to Heaven” explore themes of life and loss, rooted in country music storytelling traditions.
Music video directed by : Jasmine Mcglade

68 (2022)

31 . Guilherme “Regine” Franco – Funny Bone (w/ Bucketboi)

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

Guilherme “REGINE” Franco’s body of work includes the album “Reimagining,” featuring a mix of electronic and traditional music. His contributions to audiovisual media and his innovative design work have garnered attention in artistic communities.
Music video directed by : Bucketboi

30 . How-D – Xstep (w/ Peter Griffin)

Date Added : janv 1, 2024

How-D, known in the gaming community for his “Geometry Dash” streams, provides gameplay tutorials and walkthroughs. His YouTube channel has become a staple for fans of the game, offering insights into strategies for various levels.

29 . Yoasobi – Heart Beat

Date Added : déc 27, 2023

Japanese pop duo Yoasobi, formed by Ayase and Ikura, gained fame by turning novels into music. Their hit “Yoru ni Kakeru” topped Japan’s charts and became the first diamond streaming certified song.
Music video directed by : 牧野 惇(Ucho)

「勇者」 (2023)

28 . Glorb – White Christmas

Date Added : déc 24, 2023

Glorb, also known as GlorbWorldwide, is a YouTuber who offers AI-generated music, utilizing the voices of characters from the Nickelodeon series “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

The Bottom (2023)

27 . Ioish – Aimo

Date Added : déc 24, 2023

Ioish, led by guitarist Vaibhav Bhutani, is a New Delhi-based ambient/post-rock band. Their music, starting with the 2016 EP “We Move The Sky,” features soulful guitar and atmospheric sounds, blending post-rock and progressive elements for an emotive auditory experience.

What You Need It For (2022)

26 . Melanie Martinez – Tunnel Vision

Date Added : déc 20, 2023

Melanie Martinez, an American singer-songwriter and actress, rose to fame on “The Voice” in 2012. Known for her distinctive, dark, and often whimsical style, Martinez’s music blends pop with darker, emotionally complex themes. Her breakthrough album “Cry Baby” (2015) introduced a unique, narrative-driven approach, weaving personal stories into a fairytale-like framework with a visual style reminiscent of vintage toy aesthetics and pastel colors.
Music video directed by : Melanie Martinez – Song featured on the album : Portals

Cry Baby (2016)

25 . OneRepublic – Dear Santa

Date Added : déc 16, 2023

Emerging from Colorado Springs in 2002, OneRepublic, a MySpace phenomenon, rocketed to stardom with their 2007 album “Dreaming Out Loud.” The Timbaland-remixed “Apologize” topped charts in sixteen countries, paving their way to Grammy recognition and Platinum success in the U.S.Song featured on the album : Onerepublicvevo

Counting Stars (2020)

24 . Billie Eilish – Come Out And Play

Date Added : déc 16, 2023

Apple’s 2018 animated Christmas ad, “Share Your Gifts,” unfolds an inspiring tale of a shy girl, her mischievous dog, and her accidentally shared writings. Featuring 16-years old Billie Eilish‘s “Come Out and Play,” it captures the dilemma of sharing one’s creations with the world.Song featured on the album : Billie Eilish

23 . Strange Dust – …And Then

Date Added : déc 16, 2023

Minneapolis’s Strange Dust (Dustin Howard) blazed into the hip-hop scene in 2003, peaking with “2003” and the star-studded “Strange Company” in 2023. His collaboration-rich work, melding lo-fi and boom bap, cements his influence in underground hip-hop and instrumental music.
Music video directed by : Echo B – Song featured on the album : Automatic Records

22 . Kill The Thrill – Capitan

Date Added : déc 16, 2023

Since 1989, Marseille’s Kill the Thrill has sculpted a distinct sound in industrial rock/metal. Their eclectic mix, from alternative rock to heavy metal, has evolved across albums like “203 Barriers” and “Tellurique”
Music video directed by : Frédéric De Benedetti – Song featured on the album : Autophagie

21 . Malinga – Biya

Date Added : déc 14, 2023

From the corridors of Dowa Secondary School to the zenith of Malawi’s Dancehall, Malinga Mafia, The Archaida General, ascended with his 2008 debut single “Bwera”. A former member of Mafunyeta’s Mabilinganya Empire, he’s now a dancehall star, bagging accolades like UMP’s Best Reggae/Dancehall Act (2016-2018) and Nyasa Music Awards’ Dancehall Artist of the Year (2018)
Music video directed by : Matt The Creator

20 . Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit – White Beretta

Date Added : déc 14, 2023

Alabama-born Jason Isbell, a fusion of raw emotion and Southern roots, journeyed from Drive-By Truckers’ member (2001-2007) to a Grammy-winning solo artist. His albums “Southeastern” and “Something More Than Free” reflect personal narratives. His talents extend beyond music, with appearances in “Squidbillies” and “Billions”
Music video directed by : Dave Willis & Jim Fortier

If We Were Vampires (2017)

19 . Jorja Smith – Stay Another Day

Date Added : déc 14, 2023

Jorja Smith, an English songwriting artist from Walsall, captured hearts with her 2012 cover of “Earthquake”. Sony/ATV signed her in 2016, leading to her celebrated debut “Lost & Found” in 2018. Her accolades include 2019’s Best British Female Artist at the Brit Awards and a Grammy nod.
Music video directed by : Jack Brown

Be Honest (W/ Burna Boy) (2019)

18 . Midnight Grand Orchestra – Igniter

Date Added : déc 14, 2023

Formed in 2022, Midnight Grand Orchestra, featuring Hololive’s Hoshimachi Suisei and Bandai Namco’s Taku Inoue, blends J-Pop and Electropop. Their debut mini-album “Overture” marked their entry, followed by “Starpeggio” in 2023, capturing a growing fanbase with their genre-melding melodies.
Music video directed by : Wanoco4D

Midnight Mission (2023)

17 . Antipodes – The Ocean Between

Date Added : déc 12, 2023

Antipodes is an upcoming Swiss metal act
Music video directed by : Peter T

16 . Crazy Frog – Last Christmas

Date Added : déc 12, 2023

Crazy Frog, originally known as The Annoying Thing, is a Swedish CGI-animated character and Eurodance musician created in 2003 by Erik Wernquist. It gained international fame with a cover version of the “Axel F” theme from Beverly Hills Cop, which topped the charts in several countries. This success led to the release of albums such as “Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits” and a range of merchandise and video games.
Music video directed by : Sigfrid Söderberg & Andreas Wicklund

Axel F (2009)

15 . Crystal Fighters – Love X3

Date Added : déc 12, 2023

Crystal Fighters, an English-Spanish electronic music band formed in 2007, are known for their fusion of alternative dance, synth-pop, folk, folktronica, indie pop, and indie rock. Their debut album, “Star of Love,” was released in 2010, followed by “Cave Rave” (2013), “Everything Is My Family” (2016) and “Gaia & Friends” (2019).
Music video directed by : Business Company Feat Wilm Danby – Song featured on the album : Light+

Xtatic Truth (2009)

14 . Nick Phoenix – Gods In The Cloud Suite

Date Added : déc 9, 2023

Renowned for revolutionizing the genre of epic music, Nick Phoenix, a London-born, American-raised composer of Scottish and Serbian descent, has seen his music featured in numerous high-profile trailers. His solo works include the hybrid electronic/orchestral album “Speed of Sound” (2013) and the rock albums “King of One” (2021) and “Wide World” (2022).
Music video directed by : Russel Klimas

Wide World  (2022)

13 . Glorb – The Bottom 2

Date Added : déc 9, 2023

Glorb, also known as GlorbWorldwide, is a YouTuber who offers AI-generated music, utilizing the voices of characters from the Nickelodeon series “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

The Bottom (2023)

12 . Elzhi, Oh No – Fireballs

Date Added : déc 9, 2023

Emerged from Slum Village’s shadow in 2002, Elzhi redefined Midwest underground rap with “The Preface” (2008) or the “Elmatic” (2011) mixtape, a homage to Nas’s “Illmatic. His most recent albums are “Lead Poison” (2016) and “Seven Times Down Eight Times Up” (2020).

February (2016)

11 . Friko – For Ella

Date Added : déc 6, 2023

Friko is an indie pop trio based in Chicago, comprising frontman Niko Kapetan, drummer Bailey Minzenberger, and bassist Luke Stamos.Song featured on the album : Where We’Ve Been, Where We Go From Here

Crimson To Chrome (2022)

10 . Slift – Nimh

Date Added : déc 6, 2023

Formed in 2016, Slift is a French trio from Toulouse, known for their blend of krautrock and psychedelic rock. Their discography includes the full-length albums “La Planète Inexplorée” and “Ummon,” released in 2020, and one EP, “Space Is The Key”
Music video directed by : Dimitri Thouzery & Guthio – Song featured on the album : Ilion

Hyperion (2020)

9 . Eyedress – Separate Ways (w/ The Marías)

Date Added : déc 5, 2023

Idris Vicuña, known as Eyedress, is a Filipino singer and rapper. After moving to Los Angeles, his singles “Jealous” and “Romantic Lover” from the album “Let’s Skip to the Wedding” (2020) went viral on TikTok, with “Jealous” achieving platinum status in the USA.
Music video directed by : Prtnd Studios

Jealous (2020)

8 . Doctum – Déjà Vu

Date Added : déc 4, 2023

Doctum, a trio of Italian DJs Marco, Gabri, and Lorenzo, infuses the house music scene with catchy vocal samples and diverse beats.

What The Dj Said (2023)

7 . asmi – Osaka Rendezvous

Date Added : déc 4, 2023

Hailing from Osaka, Japan, asmi (real name Asumi Fujihashi) soared in popularity on TikTok with her unique voice and indie charm, and her track “Yowanehaki.” She also contributes to anime, including themes for “Urusei Yatsura” and “Pokémon Horizons: The Series”
Music video directed by : Miyazawa Esora

Osanpo (2019)

6 . NSYNC – Merry Christmas Happy Holidays

Date Added : déc 2, 2023

NSYNC, an iconic American vocal group and boy band, consisting of Chris Kirkpatrick, Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and JC Chasez, achieved widespread success with their hit singles like “Girlfriend,” “Pop,” “Gone,” and “It’s Gonna Be Me.” Throughout their career, NSYNC sold over 70 million records, becoming one of the best-selling boy bands of all time​.
Music video directed by : Stefano Bertelli

This I Promise You (2000)

5 . Julia Michaels – A Wish Worth Making

Date Added : déc 2, 2023

Julia Michaels, born Julia Carin Cavazos in Iowa, is an acclaimed American singer and a prolific songwriter. Michaels began her music career early, writing for other artists by the age of 16. Her debut single “Issues” in 2017 was certified quintuple-platinum by the RIAA.
Music video directed by : Walt Disney Animation Studios – Song featured on the album : Wish

Issues (2017)

4 . Bill Ryder-Jones – If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Date Added : déc 2, 2023

Bill Ryder-Jones, an unconventional English musician from West Kirby, Merseyside, co-founded The Coral and later embarked on a diverse solo career. His 2011 debut solo album, “If…”, uniquely adapted Italo Calvino’s novel into an instrumental concept album, featuring the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.
Music video directed by : James Slater

3 . C’Mon Tigre, Seun Kuti – The Botanist

Date Added : déc 2, 2023

C’mon Tigre, an Italian collective formed in 2013, blends music and visual arts, creating a tapestry of world music, jazz, funk, and electro.
Music video directed by : Jules Guerin

Behold The Man (2019)

2 . Kas:St – Children Of Chaos

Date Added : déc 2, 2023

Kas:st, the French duo now based in Barcelona, brings an innovative and avant-garde approach to techno with hypnotic rhythms and dark, hallucinatory emotions.
Music video directed by : Anne Raffin

1 . Ghost Atlas – Lesser Gods

Date Added : déc 2, 2023

Ghost Atlas, founded in 2013 in Birmingham, AL, by Jesse Cash of the progressive metalcore band Erra, is a dynamic rock side project.Song featured on the album : Dust Of The Human Shape

Legs (2017)

Animated New Music Videos  – N°126


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