Animated New Music Videos – N°128

Here are the brand new (animated only) music videos that caught, these past days, our interest and musical or visual liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

51 . of Montreal – Rude Girl On Rotation

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Formed in 1996 by Kevin Barnes in Athens, Georgia, of Montreal debuted with “Cherry Peel” and is known for albums like “Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?” The band’s style merges indie pop with neo-psychedelia and glam, featuring theatrical elements.
Music video directed by : Madeline Bb – Song featured on the album : Lady On The Cusp

Gronlandic Edit (2024)

50 . Jamie xx – Baddy On The Floor (w/ Honey Dijon)

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Jamie xx, born James Thomas Smith in 1988, London, is a musician and member of The xx. His solo album “In Colour” (2015) was Grammy-nominated. He has remixed for artists like Gil Scott-Heron and Drake.
Music video directed by : Cc Studio

Gosh (2015)

49 . Brother Ali – Worthy

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Brother Ali, born July 30, 1977, in Madison, Wisconsin, debuted with “Rites of Passage” in 2000. Known for albums like “Shadows on the Sun” and “Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color,” his music often addresses themes of social justice.
Music video directed by : Justin “Unjust” Herman – Song featured on the album : Love & Service

Uncle Sam Goddamn (2024)

48 . Jen – Nuages

Date Added : Apr 17,2024

Jen born Jenny Letellier is an emerging French singer and comedian known for her skits on the YouTube channel “Le Monde à l’Envers”
Music video directed by : Myfuckinmess

Nuit (2024)

47 . Cosmo Sheldrake – The Feet Are The Link

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

English musician Cosmo Sheldrake‘s innovative music combines baroque pop, folktronica, and indie genres. His debut album “The Much Much How How and I” (2018) showcases his unique approach, incorporating a wide range of instruments and found sounds. Sheldrake’s work extends to collaborations and contributions to film and theater.
Music video directed by : May Kindred-Boothby. – Song featured on the album : Eye To The Ear

Come Along (2017)

46 . Volkor X – One With The Void

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

French synthwave artist Volkor X debuted in 2015 with “This Means War” featuring a guitar solo by Sylvain Coudret. His 2020 album “This Is Our Planet Now” continues his cinematic style. He released “The Loop” in 2023, completing his album trilogy.
Music video directed by : Pixel Team – Song featured on the album : The Loop

Enclave (2018)

45 . Bad Snacks – Like U Do (w/ Chromonicci)

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Bad Snacks is an American producer known for violin-infused electronic music, with notable tracks like “Thursday Night (Alien Fight).” Her music includes vocal tracks like “Lucky” and “BPF.” She is featured on Andrew Huang’s viral “4 Producers” challenge.
Music video directed by : Mitch Pond – Song featured on the album : Home Music’ (Ep)

Lucky (2023)

44 . La Yegros – Veo (w/ K.O.G)

Date Added : Apr 16,2024

Known for integrating styles like cumbia and chamamé, Argentine singer La Yegros combines electronic music with Latin rhythms. Albums include “Viene de Mi” (2013), “Magnetismo” (2016), and “Suelta” (2019), featuring artist Soom T. .
Music video directed by : Poli Verrua

Viene De Mi (2014)

43 . Frank Turner – Girl From The Record Shop

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Frank Turner, born December 28, 1981, in Bahrain, is a British singer-songwriter. Starting as Million Dead’s vocalist, he went solo in 2005. His albums include “Sleep Is for the Week” (2007) and “FTHC” (2022), which hit number one in the UK. His style mixes folk, punk, and acoustic elements.
Music video directed by : William Davies – Song featured on the album : Undefeated

The Way I Tend To Be (2014)

42 . Caribou – Honey

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Canadian musician Caribou, born Daniel Victor Snaith in 1978, records under the moniker Daphni for dance music. His album “Swim” (2010) won the 2011 Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year. Caribou‘s music features a mix of electronic psychedelia and krautrock.
Music video directed by : Richard Kenworthy

Our Love (2015)

41 . Billy Joel – Vienna

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

Billy Joel, born in the Bronx, New York, is a pivotal American singer-songwriter and pianist. His career, highlighted by the 1977 album “The Stranger” and hits like “Piano Man,” spans decades, earning him Grammy Awards and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions. Joel’s philanthropic efforts complement his enduring music legacy.

Piano Man (1973)

40 . XG & Valorant – Undefeated

Date Added : Apr 13,2024

XG, short for “Xtraordinary Girls,” is a dynamic Japanese girl group, formed under XGALX (a subsidiary of Avex), and based in South Korea, marking with a music categorized as X-POP, a unique blend of cultural influences.

Tippy Toes (2022)

39 . L’Impératrice – Danza Marilù (w/ Fabiana Martone)

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Formed in Paris in 2012, L’Impératrice is a French pop and nu-disco band known for their albums “Matahari” (2018), “Tako Tsubo” (2021), and the upcoming “Pulsar” (2024). Their single “Vanille Fraise” gained popularity, and they won the Deezer Adami Fans’ award in 2016.
Music video directed by : Arthur Sevestre & Gabrielle Selnet – Song featured on the album : Pulsar

Peur Des Filles (2021)

38 . Modest Mouse – Bury Me With It [Jacknife Lee Remix]

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

Modest Mouse, an American alternative rock band formed in 1993, gained recognition with “The Lonesome Crowded West” (1997). They achieved commercial success with albums like “Good News for People Who Love Bad News” (2004), earning Grammy nominations.
Music video directed by : Aaron Ray

Float On (2010)

37 . The Rose, 더로즈 – Lifeline [Reborn]

Date Added : Apr 10,2024

The Rose is a South Korean indie-rock band formed in 2017. Known for the hit “Sorry,” they embarked on the “Paint It Rose” European tour in 2018 and opened for Halsey’s Manic World Tour in Seoul. Their albums include “Heal” and “Dual.”

Childhood (2023)

36 . Glass Animals – Creatures In Heaven

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Glass Animals, an English band, blends indie rock and psychedelic pop. Notable for “Zaba” and a Mercury Prize-nominated “How to Be a Human Being,” their “Heat Waves” topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2022 after a 59-week climb.

Heat Waves (2021)

35 . Khruangbin – Hold Me Up [Thank You]

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Texas-based band Khruangbin, known for their eclectic music blending soul, dub, and Thai funk, debuted with “The Universe Smiles Upon You” (2015). They gained fame with “Con Todo el Mundo” (2018) and “Mordechai” (2020), and collaborated with Vieux Farka Touré for “Ali” (2022).
Music video directed by : Felixheyes & Josh.R.R.King.

Time (You And I) (2020)

34 . Pink Floyd – Brain Damage [50th Anniversary Competition Winner’s Video]

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Pink Floyd, pioneers of progressive rock, have global sales over 250 million. Key albums include “The Dark Side of the Moon” and “The Wall,” with Grammy Hall of Fame inductions. They’ve navigated personal tensions, with a legacy enduring through “The Endless River” (2014).
Music video directed by : Rati Dabrundashvili & Nastassja Nikitina

Money (1973)

33 . Takanashi Kiara – Chimera

Date Added : Apr 7,2024

Takanashi Kiara, part of Hololive English -Myth-, engages fans with original songs like “SPARKS” and “HINOTORI.” Hosting HoloTalk, she bridges talents globally, building a strong fan community with a positive message.

Do U (2023)

32 . Iron & Wine – Anyone’s Game

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

American folk rock artist Iron & Wine, real name Sam Beam, debuted with “The Creek Drank the Cradle” in 2002. Known for albums like “Our Endless Numbered Days” and “Kiss Each Other Clean,” Beam’s music blends acoustic elements with lyrical storytelling. His collaboration with Calexico on “In the Reins” highlights his genre fusion skills.
Music video directed by : Callum Scott-Dyson – Song featured on the album : Light Verse

Call It Dreaming (2018)

31 . Killah Priest – Anak [Winged People 2]

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Walter Reed, known as Killah Priest, is a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, New York, born on August 16, 1970. A Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, he gained recognition with “B.I.B.L.E. (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth)” on GZA’s “Liquid Swords.” Priest’s debut album “Heavy Mental” in 1998 showcased his intricate lyricism, followed by albums like “View from Masada.” His work is noted for exploring spiritual and religious themes.
Music video directed by : David D Flores

The Color Of Ideas (2016)

30 . Mac Glocky – Never Get Nowhere

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Mac Glocky, an independent artist known for viral rock/metal covers, emulates bands like Deftones and Alice in Chains.
Music video directed by : Stephen Coad

Attis (2023)

29 . Soen – Incendiary

Date Added : Apr 4,2024

Swedish progressive metal band Soen, formed by ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and vocalist Joel Ekelöf in 2010, released “Cognitive” in 2012. Known for albums like “Tellurian” and “Lotus,” Soen blends heavy, melodic music with thematic depth exploring personal and societal themes.
Music video directed by : Freakshot – Song featured on the album : 𝐌𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐑𝚰𝐀𝐋

Monarch (2021)

28 . Reol – Want U Luv It

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Reol, born November 9, 1993, in Japan, is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and producer. She gained recognition with “Gokusaishiki” reaching Oricon’s top ten. Post-REOL group, she debuted solo with “Kyokoushu” under Victor Entertainment and joined Sony Music Japan in 2022. Albums include “Jijitsujo” and “Kinjitou.”
Music video directed by : Wcdonald’S Anime

‘煽げや尊し’ (2023)

27 . Gusgus – Breaking Down

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

GusGus, formed in Reykjavík in 1995, blends dance music with visual arts. They’ve released albums with 4AD Records, including “Polydistortion.” Their sound spans techno, trip-hop, and house, with recent albums “Mobile Home” and “DanceOrama.” Core members include Daníel Ágúst, Birgir Þórarinsson, and Margrét Rán.
Music video directed by : Atli Sigursveinsson & Logi Sigursveinsson

Love Is Alone (2022)

26 . Purple Disco Machine – Higher Ground (w/ Roosevelt)

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Tino Piontek, aka Purple Disco Machine from Germany, brings together house, disco, funk, and synth-pop. His 2013 hit “My House” and 2017 album “Soulmatic” propelled him to fame. The 2020 single “Hypnotized” achieved Europe-wide success, leading to the acclaimed 2021 album “Exotica”.

In The Dark (W/ Sophie And The Giants) (2021)

25 . Elsa Y Elmar – Entre Las Piernas

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Known for “Exploradora” and albums “Eres Diamante” and “ya no somos los mismos,” Elsa y Elmar, the project of Colombian Elsa Carvajal, mixes synth-pop with Latin influences. Winning the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2014, she debuted with “Rey.”
Music video directed by : Frederick Venet

Ya No Somos Los Mismos (2023)

24 . Doro – Lean Mean Rock Machine

Date Added : Mar 31,2024

Dorothee Pesch, known as Doro, is a German heavy metal singer, famous as Warlock’s frontwoman. Key albums include “Burning the Witches” (1984) and “Triumph and Agony” (1987). Her solo career features albums like “Force Majeure” (1989). She’s recognized as the “Metal Queen.”
Music video directed by : Balázs Gróf – Song featured on the album : Conqueress – Forever Strong & Proud

Hard Times (1989)

23 . Tierra Whack – Two Night

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Tierra Whack, an innovative American rapper and singer from Philadelphia, gained acclaim with her debut album “Whack World” (2018). Known for her unique style, she earned a Grammy nomination for the single “Mumbo Jumbo.”
Music video directed by : Alex Da Corte – Song featured on the album : World Wide Whack

Whack World (2018)

22 . Jorja Smith – Go Go Go (w/ Josman)

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Jorja Smith, an English songwriting artist from Walsall, captured hearts with her 2012 cover of “Earthquake”. Sony/ATV signed her in 2016, leading to her celebrated debut “Lost & Found” in 2018. Her accolades include 2019’s Best British Female Artist at the Brit Awards and a Grammy nod.
Music video directed by : Aurélia Durand

Be Honest (W/ Burna Boy) (2019)

21 . Butthole Surfers – I Hate My Job [Take One]

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

The Butthole Surfers, founded in 1981 in San Antonio, Texas by Gibby Haynes and Paul Leary, are known for their experimental rock mixing punk and psychedelic styles. Their 1996 album “Electric Larryland” featured the hit “Pepper.”
Music video directed by : Jayla Smith

Who Was In My Room Last Night (2009)

20 . TWRP – Content 4 U

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

TWRP, or Tupper Ware Remix Party, is a Canadian band formed in 2007, known for their futuristic funk-rock sound and elaborate costumes. They’ve collaborated extensively with Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb, contributing to albums like “Under the Covers.” Their discography includes “Together Through Time” and “Over the Top.”
Music video directed by : Nathan Boone – Song featured on the album : Digital Nightmare

Starlight Brigade (W/ Dan Avidan) (2020)

19 . Mike Tramp – Mand Af En Tid

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

Mike Tramp, born January 14, 1961, in Denmark, gained fame as the lead vocalist of White Lion, with hits like “When the Children Cry.” Post-White Lion, he formed Freak of Nature, then pursued a solo career with albums like “Capricorn” that spans hard rock to contemporary pop/rock.
Music video directed by : Mikal Cg: – Song featured on the album : Mand Af En Tid

Coming Home (2017)

18 . iota – The Timekeeper

Date Added : Mar 23,2024

iota is a psychedelic rock trio from Salt Lake City, known for their cult following and exploration of psychedelic rock soundscapes.
Music video directed by : Above The Void – Song featured on the album : Pentasomnia

17 . Avenged Sevenfold – Cosmic

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Avenged Sevenfold, an American heavy metal band formed in 1999, achieved fame with albums like “City of Evil” and “Hail to the King,” hitting number 1 on Billboard 200. Known for evolving from metalcore to heavy metal, the band has sold over 8 million albums worldwide and contributed songs to the Call of Duty series.
Music video directed by : Chris Hopewell – Song featured on the album : Life Is But A Dream

À Quoi Tu Joues (2023)

16 . Arma Jackson – Voyager (w/ Franglish)

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Arma Jackson, born Jordan Mfumu-Kanda Dhi in 1995 in Lausanne, Switz in his music.
Music video directed by : Léopold Noël

The Right Thing Is Hard To Do (2021)

15 . Frail Body – Horizon Line

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

American hardcore/punk band Frail Body‘s debut album “A Brief Memoriam” (2019) blends intense emotion with intricate compositions. They capture themes of mourning and identity, delivering powerful performances.
Music video directed by : Torey Kervick – Song featured on the album : Artificial Bouquet

Your Death Makes Me Wish Heaven Was Real (2019)

14 . Lightning Bug – Opus

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Lightning Bug, an American indie rock band from New York, formed in 2015. They’ve released albums like “A Color Of The Sky” and self-released “No Paradise” in 2024. Initially Audrey Kang’s project, they signed with Fat Possum Records, re-releasing “October Song” on vinyl.
Music video directed by : Dane Hagen

Starting Line (2022)

13 . Sananda Maitreya – The Birthday Song!

Date Added : Mar 18,2024

Formerly known as Terence Trent D’Arby, American singer-songwriter Sananda Maitreya was born on March 15, 1962. His debut album “Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby” (1987) featured hits like “Wishing Well,” earning him a Grammy in 1989. He changed his name in 2001.
Music video directed by : Alan Smithee & S+

Sign Your Name (2013)

12 . Emilio – Strawberry Eyes

Date Added : Mar 18,2024

Born on June 29, 1996, in Berlin, Germany, Emilio Sakraya is an actor and singer with Moroccan and Serbian heritage. He started acting in 2010 and ventured into music in 2016 with singles like “Bisschen Allein.” His work includes acting in “Time You Change” and singing “Down By The Lake.”
Music video directed by : Grotesk.Group

Falsches Signal (2023)

11 . Ernest – I Went To College / I Went To Jail

Date Added : Mar 18,2024

Ernest is an American country music artist.Song featured on the album : Nashville, Tennessee

Miss That Girl (2023)

10 . Ratu$ – L’Armée Des Rats

Date Added : Mar 18,2024

Ratu$ is a French rapper from Pierrefitte, near Paris.
Music video directed by : Odbussy

Curriculum (2022)

9 . NOFX – I’m A Rat

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

Formed in 1983, NOFX, an American punk rock band, gained fame with albums like “Punk in Drublic” (1994). Known for their DIY ethos and satirical lyrics, they’ve released over 15 studio albums and the notable EP “The Decline”. Fat Mike (bass and lead vocals)’s label, Fat Wreck Chords underscores their influence in the punk scene.
Music video directed by : Chris Graue – Song featured on the album : Half Album

Stickin’ In My Eye (1992)

8 . Pillow Queens – Like A Lesson

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

Dublin’s indie rock band Pillow Queens, formed in 2016, blends pop and punk. Their albums “In Waiting” (2020) and “Leave the Light On” (2022) received acclaim for lyrical and musical depth.
Music video directed by : Jacob Stack – Song featured on the album : Name Your Sorrow

Be By Your Side (2021)

7 . Flyana Boss – Yeaaa

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

Flyana Boss, an American hip hop duo formed at the Musicians Institute, California, made waves with their 2023 viral hit “You Wish” from the EP “Make It A Double”.
Music video directed by : Rob Davies – Song featured on the album : Flyana Boss

You Wish (2023)

6 . King Zebra – Children Of The Night

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

Swiss rock band King Zebra, formed in 2012, channels 80s rock with albums like “Greatest Hits” (2013). The addition of American singer Eric St. Michaels in 2017 brought a distinctive voice to their sound.Song featured on the album : Between The Shadows

Wall Of Confusion (W/ Guernica Mancini) (2021)

5 . Crystal Throne – Mechanical Tyranny

Date Added : Mar 11,2024

Crystal Throne, a French band formed in 2019, blends heavy/power metal with science fiction and mythology themes. Their self-titled debut album in 2021 showcases their NWOBHM-inspired sound.
Music video directed by : Don Tancredo – Song featured on the album : Crystal Throne Official

Steelbirds (2021)

4 . Wand – Help Desk

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

Formed in Los Angeles in 2013, Wand, led by Cory Hanson, transitioned from psychedelic garage rock to art rock with albums like Ganglion Reef (2014), Golem (2015), and Laughing Matter (2019). Signed to Ty Segall’s God? label, their songwriting evolution is evident in their critically acclaimed album “Plum” (2017).
Music video directed by : Connor Clarke

Flying Golem (2014)

3 . North Sea Echoes – Throwing Stones

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

North Sea Echoes, featuring Ray Alder and Jim Matheos from Fates Warning, released “Really Good Terrible Things.” This project blends melancholy with atmospheric soundscapes, showcasing their deep musical chemistry. Ray Alder and Jim Matheos are seasoned musicians with extensive careers in progressive metal.

2 . Mui Zyu – The Mould

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

British Hong Kong artist Mui Zyu (Eva Liu) explores her heritage through a blend of traditional Chinese instruments, electronic sounds, and folklore themes. Her debut album “Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century” (2023) followed her impactful EP “a wonderful thing vomits” (2021).
Music video directed by : Danny Grant – Song featured on the album : Nothing Or Something To Die For

Rotten Bun (2022)

1 . Kontravoid – Reckoning

Date Added : Mar 6,2024

Cam Findlay, under his moniker Kontravoid, blends dark industrial and new wave sounds, diverging from his past work with Crystal Castles and Parallels. Known for his ominous vocals and analog electronics, Kontravoid‘s music offers a nod to 1980s pioneers.
Music video directed by : Alec Mackenzie – Song featured on the album : Detachment

Faceless (2021)

Animated New Music Videos  – N°128


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