Animated New Music Videos – N°130

Here are the brand new (animated only) music videos that caught recently our interest and musical or visual liking.Beware (possibly) NSFW

15 . Magdalena Bay – Image

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Magdalena Bay is a synth-pop duo from Miami, Florida, consisting of Mica Tenenbaum and Matthew Lewin. Their debut album, “Mercurial World” (2021), includes popular singles like “Chaeri” and “Secrets (Your Fire).” They are known for their DIY music videos and distinctive electronic sound.
Music video directed by : Amanda Kramer – Song featured on the album : Imaginal Disk

Chaeri (2021)

14 . Chrystabell & David Lynch – The Answers To The Questions

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Chrystabell, born Chrysta Bell Zucht, is an American singer and actress. Known for her collaboration with David Lynch on albums “This Train” (2011) and “Somewhere in the Nowhere” (2016). Played Special Agent Tammy Preston in “Twin Peaks” (2017).
Music video directed by : David Lynch – Song featured on the album : Cellophane Memories

Beat The Beat (2017)

13 . Onyx – The Money Kids

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Onyx is a hardcore hip-hop group from Queens, New York, formed in 1988. Their debut album, “Bacdafucup” (1993), produced by Jam Master Jay, features the hit single “Slam.” They continued to release successful albums like “All We Got Iz Us” (1995) and “#Wakedafucup” (2014).
Music video directed by : Luca De Massis

Slam (2010)

12 . Billx & Empira – New Technology

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Billx, a French electronic music producer, is a key figure in the Hardtek genre. Known for tracks like “We Are Frenchcore” with Da Mouth of Madness, he has collaborated with artists like Dr. Peacock. His music blends Frenchcore, Hardtek, and rave elements.

Tree Of Life [Psy To Hard] (2019)

11 . Floating Points – Key103

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Floating Points, aka Sam Shepherd, is a British electronic producer. Known for “Elaenia” (2015), “Crush” (2019), and “Promises” (2021) with Pharoah Sanders and the LSO.
Music video directed by : Akiko Nakayama – Song featured on the album : Cascade

Anasickmodular (2020)

10 . Tiësto, Lucas & Steve, Silent Child, Sān-Z – Zenless

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Tiësto, born in the Netherlands in 1969, is a celebrated DJ and EDM pioneer. His career, starting in the 1990s, led to the establishment of Black Hole Recordings and collaboration with Ferry Corsten in Gouryella. His album “In My Memory” and remix of “Silence” broadened his global reach. Mentor to artists like Martin Garrix, Tiësto‘s style evolved over time, recently returning to trance with VER:WEST.

Red Lights (2014)

9 . Vintage Culture, Emery Taylor – Hero

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Lukas Rafael Ruiz Hespanhol, aka Vintage Culture, born July 7, 1993, in Brazil, is a DJ and record producer. Known for remixing classics like “Blue Monday,” he gained fame with a progressive and tech-house style. Nominated for Forbes’ ’30 under 30,’ he founded the label inHarmony Music. He advocates for mental health and engages in fashion design.
Music video directed by : Paulo Garcia

8 . Velvet Chains – Enemy

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Velvet Chains, an American hard rock band from Las Vegas, was formed in 2018 by bassist Nils Goldschmidt. Their debut album, “Icarus” (2021), featured collaborations with Richard Fortus of Guns N’ Roses. Their single “Stuck Against The Wall” (2023) charted on Mediabase and Billboard Active Rock charts.
Music video directed by : Tfp Studios

Last Drop (2023)

7 . Fish In A Birdcage – Rule #35 ~ Microphone

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Fish in a Birdcage is the musical project of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Dustan Townsend. Known for his unique blend of modern Renaissance, electronica, and folk strings, Townsend’s performances range from street busking to formal venues. His EP, “Fish In A Birdcage,” showcases his versatility and distinctive sound.
Music video directed by : Luna Charlotte

Fish In A Birdcage (2022)

6 . Federale – Advice From A Stranger

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Federale, a psychedelic rock band from Portland, formed in 2004 by Collin Hegna, draws inspiration from Spaghetti Western and Giallo soundtracks. Albums include “La Rayar” (2008) and “No Justice” (2019). Their music has featured in films like “The Bad Batch.”
Music video directed by : Ron Laboray & Niki Elliott – Song featured on the album : Reverb & Seduction

Spaghetti Northwestern (2021)

5 . Lost Souls – The Return

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Lost Souls is a virtual metalcore band created in 2023 by guitarist and influencer Evan Breen. Their notable tracks include “Childhood Died” and “The Return.”

Childhood Died (2024)

4 . Matty – Madly

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Matty, born Matthew Adam Tavares on September 15, 1990, is a Canadian musician, songwriter, and producer. He is best known as a founding member of the contemporary jazz group BadBadNotGood (BBNG). Matty played a crucial role in the band until his departure in 2019 to focus on his solo career. His solo debut, “Déjàvu” (2018), showcases his talent in blending neo-psychedelia, dream pop, and electronic music. Matty has produced tracks for artists like Kali Uchis, Daniel Caesar, and Kendrick Lamar.
Music video directed by : Lavoe

Fool 4 U (2024)

3 . Cavalera – Nightmares Of Delirium

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Cavalera Conspiracy is a heavy metal band formed in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2007 by Brazilian brothers Max and Igor Cavalera. Their debut album “Inflikted” (2008) featured guest musicians like bassist Rex Brown and explored intense, aggressive themes influenced by personal and historical narratives.
Music video directed by : Costin Chioreanu – Song featured on the album : Schizophrenia

Troops Of Doom (2023)

2 . Juniore – Méditerranée

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Juniore is a French indie pop band formed in Paris in 2013, fronted by singer-songwriter Anna Jean. Known for their blend of yé-yé, surf rock, and psychedelic pop, their music creates a nostalgic yet fresh sound. Their breakthrough album “Ouh Là Là” (2017) features hits like “Panique” and “Difficile.” The band is renowned for their evocative music videos and live performances, with a cinematic atmosphere drawing from 1960s French pop and film. Their 2020 album “Un, Deux, Trois” further solidified their unique style.
Music video directed by : Clément Soulmagnon – Song featured on the album : Trois, Deux, Un

Panique (2017)

1 . Calogero – Rien Comme Les Autres

Date Added : Jun 23,2024

Calogero, born Calogero Maurici on July 30, 1971, in Échirolles, France, is a prominent singer and songwriter. He began his career as the lead singer and bassist of Les Charts before embarking on a solo career in 1999. His breakthrough album “Calogero” (2002) includes the hit “En Apesanteur.” Another successful album, “Les Feux d’Artifice” (2014), features the award-winning single “Un Jour au Mauvais Endroit.” Calogero has won multiple Victoires de la Musique awards and is known for his melodic pop-rock sound.
Music video directed by : Florian Louviot, Enguerran, Alexis Magand, Yannick Demaison – Song featured on the album : A.M.O.U.R

Un Jour Au Mauvais Endroit (2014)

Animated New Music Videos  – N°130



Animated New Music Videos  – N°130

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