Rihanna releases her eighth album : ‘Anti’ featuring ‘Work,’ ‘Needed Me’ and ‘Love on the Brain’ (2016)

Rihanna‘s ‘ANTI’ is her eighth studio album released on January 28, 2016 by Westbury Road / Roc Nation.


Rihanna releases her eighth album : ‘Anti’ featuring ‘Work,’ ‘Needed Me’ and ‘Love on the Brain’ (2016)

Track Listing : 1.Consideration (Tyran Donaldson, Robyn Fenty, Solana Rowe) – 02:41 . 2.James Joint (James Fauntleroy, Robyn Fenty, Shea Taylor) – 01:12 . 3.Kiss It Better (Jeff Bhasker, Robyn Fenty, John Glass, Teddy Sinclair) – 04:13 . 4.Work (Jahron Braithwaite, Robyn Fenty, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, Aubrey Graham, Monte Moir, Allen Ritter, Matthew Samuels, Rupert Thomas) – 03:39 . [Samples : “If You Were Here Tonight” By Alexander O’Neal] . 5.Desperado (James Fauntleroy, Robyn Fenty, Rook Monroe, Mick Schultz, Krystin Watkins) – 03:06 . 6.Woo (Jean Baptiste, Jeremih Felton, Robyn Fenty, Chauncey Hollis, Terius Nash, Abel Tesfaye, Jacques Webster) – 03:55 . 7.Needed Me (Nick Audino, Adam Feeney, Robyn Fenty, Brittany Hazard, Lewis Hughes, Charles Hinshaw, Jr., Dijon Mcfarlane, Khaled Rohaim, Te Whiti Warbrick) – 03:11 . 8.Yeah, I Said It (Evon Barnes, Bibi Bourelly, Jean-Paul Bourelly, Robyn Fenty, Chris Godbey, Daniel Jones, Tim Mosley) – 02:13 . 9.Same Ol’ Mistakes (Kevin Parker) – 06:37 . 10.Never Ending (Dido Armstrong, Robyn Fenty, Paul Herman, Chad Sabo) – 03:22 . [Samples : “Thank You” By Dido] . 11.Love On The Brain (J. Angel, Joseph Angel, Fred Ball, Robyn Fenty) – 03:43 . 12.Higher (Bibi Bourelly, Jerry Butler, James Fauntleroy, Robyn Fenty, Kenny Gamble, Leon Huff, Ernest Wilson) – 02:00 . [Samples : “Beside You” By The Soulful Strings] . 13.Close To You (James Fauntleroy, Robyn Fenty, B. Seals, Brian Kennedy Seals) – 03:43

Roy Nachum

Musicians : Rihanna – Vocals . Drake – Rap On (4) . Sza – Rap On (1) . Joseph Angel – Drums, Keyboards . Fred Ball – Drums, Keyboards . Nuno Bettencourt – Guitar . Mick Schultz – Guitar . Kevin Parker – Instrumentation . Brian Seals – Keyboards . Shea Taylor – Keyboards . Carter Lang – Organ, Synthesizer Bass . James Fauntleroy – Vocals (Background)

Director X

Production : Produced By Fred Ball, Jeff Bhasker, Boi-1Da, Dj Mustard, Frank Dukes, Fade Majah, Glass John, Kuk Harrell, Hit-Boy, Daniel Jones, Brian Kennedy, Mitus, No I.D., Kevin Parker, Chad Sabo, Mick Schultz, Travis Scott, Scum, Robert Shea Taylor, Timbaland, Twice As Nice, Vinylz . Joseph Angel, Rook Monroe, Krystin Watkins, James Fauntleroy . Blake Mares – Assistant Engineer . Chris Galland – Mixing Assistant . Nathaniel Alford – Engineer . Daniela Rivera – Engineer . Chris Godbey – Engineer, Mixing . Stan Greene – Engineer, Mixing . Chad Sabo – Engineer, Mixing . Marcos Tovar – Engineer . Kuk Harrell – Engineer . Kevin Parker – Mixing . Chris Gehringer – Mastering . Noel “Gadget” Campbell – Mixing . Manny Marroquin – Mixing . Phil Tan – Mixing . Jeff Jackson – Mixing Assistant . Ike Schultz – Mixing Assistant

Arrangements : Joseph Angel, Rook Monroe, Krystin Watkins, James Fauntleroy

Package : Roy Nachum asterisques RVM – Artwork, Poetry . Ciarra Pardo – Creative Director . Robyn Fenty – Creative Director, Poetry . Chloe Mitchell – Poetry

Recorded 2014 – 2016 At Jungle City Studios, New York City; Westlake Recording Studios, Los Angeles; Sandra Gale Studios, Los Angeles; Sota Studios, Toronto; Twin Studios, Paris; Windmark Recording Studios, Santa Monica.

Released On January 28, 2016 By Westbury Road / Roc Nation.

Video Director(s) : Director X asterisques RVM for “Work” . Craig McDean for “Kiss It Better” . Harmony Korine for “Needed Me”

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Rihanna takes risks and disregards convention in a way that only a true superstar could Because she is Rihanna, she pulls it off, crafting a work where a Sam Cooke-style ballad can fit alongside a lurching, nocturnal electronic track…. The pieces may not fit together neatly, but Anti is clearly the album Rihanna wanted to make. […]

The Guardian
Anti review – brave, bold … and confused In a risk-averse world, there’s something brave about Anti, and at its best, its daring pays off: it remains to be seen whether it represents a momentary swerve off-piste or what you might call a complete Ri-Ri-invention. […]

It’s not crammed with bloodthirsty, dance-oriented jams and feels distinctly smaller, more inward-facing than her previous records, as if it were intended as a kind of spiritual stock-taking, a moment of reckoning for both Rihanna and her fans. […]


Rihanna releases her eighth album : ‘Anti’ featuring ‘Work,’ ‘Needed Me’ and ‘Love on the Brain’ (2016)


Rihanna releases her eighth album : ‘Anti’ featuring ‘Work,’ ‘Needed Me’ and ‘Love on the Brain’ (2016)

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