MCA publish B. B. King’s album : ‘There Must Be a Better World Somewhere’ produced by Dr.John (1981)

B. B. King’s ‘There Must Be a Better World Somewhere’ is an album fully written and produced by Dr.John and released in January 1981 by Mca.

Track Listing : 1.The Victim (Dr. John, Doc Pomus) – 06:18 . 2.More, More, More (Jay Hirsh, Hugh Mccracken) – 04:39 . 3.You’Re Going With Me (Dr. John, Doc Pomus) – 04:35 . 4.Life Ain’T Nothing But A Party (Dr. John, Doc Pomus) – 06:13 . 5.Born Again Human (Dr. John, Doc Pomus) – 08:30 . 6.There Must Be A Better World Somewhere (Dr. John, Doc Pomus) – 05:38

Musicians : Hugh Mccracken – Guitar . David “Fathead” Newman – Tenor Saxophone . Ronald E. Cuber – Baritone Saxophone . Hank Crawford – Alto Saxophone . Waymon Reed – Trumpet . Tom Malone – Trombone . Charlie Miller – Trumpet . Bernard “Pretty” Purdie – Drums . Mac “Dr. John” Rebennack – Keyboards . Wilbur Bascomb – Bass Guitar . Donny Gerrard – Backing Vocals On (2) . Vennette Gloud – Backing Vocals On (2) . Carmen Twillie – Backing Vocals On (2)

Production : Produced By Mac “Dr. John” Rebennack . Bernie Grundman – Mastering . Rik Pekkonen – Engineer, Mixing . John Smith – Assistant Engineer

Package : Ron Kriss – Illustrations . Kathe Schreyer – Art Direction

Recorded 1980.

Released In January 1981 By Mca.

B. B. King


sewollef @ RateYourMusic
The whole thing is held together by Purdie’s drumming and of course Bascomb’s bass for me. A superb album and a ‘return’ to form for King. Yes, you should own this! […]

Robert Christgau
King’s seldom been terribleand when in 1978 he decided to stop trying for AM ballads and disco crossovers and move on up to nightclub funk he started making good albums again. With songs by Doc & Dr. (Pomus and ace sideman John) and a band anchored by the spectacularly unflappable Pretty Purdie, this is the third time in a row he’s topped himself. […]

Despite some fine solos by Newman and Crawford, this session was rather erratic, brief (under 36 minutes) and far from essential. […]


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