Barbra Streisand releases ‘My Name Is Barbra’ in conjunction with a a television special (1965)

Barbra Streisand‘s ‘My Name Is Barbra’ is the first of two studio albums (tied-in to a television special of the same name) released in May 1965.


Barbra Streisand releases ‘My Name Is Barbra’ in conjunction with a a television special (1965)

1 . Promotes “My Name Is Barbra”

Track Listing : 1.My Name Is Barbra (Leonard Bernstein) – 00:53 . A. A Kid Again (Johnny Melfi, Roger Perry) – 01:27 . B. I’M Five (Milton Schafer) – 00:38 . 2.Jenny Rebecca (Carol Hall) – 03:03 . 3.My Pa (Michael Leonard, Herbert Martin) – 02:30 . 4.Sweet Zoo (Jeffrey D. Harris) – 01:36 . 5.Where Is The Wonder (Michael Barr, Dion Mcgregor) – 02:18 . 6.I Can See It (Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt) – 03:06 . 7.Someone To Watch Over Me (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) – 02:43 . 8.I’Ve Got No Strings (Leigh Harline, Ned Washington) – 02:49 . 9.If You Were The Only Boy In The World (Nat Ayer, Clifford Grey) – 03:28 . 10.Why Did I Choose You? (Michael Leonard, Herbert Martin) – 02:49 . 11.My Man (Jacques Charles, Channing Pollock, Albert Willemetz, Maurice Yvain) – 02:57

Musicians : Barbra Streisand – Vocals . Peter Matz – Conductor

Production : Produced By Robert Mersey . Peter Matz

Arrangements : Peter Matz

Package : Peter Oliver – Photography . Sheldon J. Streisand – Photography

Recorded In 1965.

Released In May 1965 By .

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The concert portion of My Name Is Barbra was taped in front of a small audience at the old Ed Sullivan Theater, now used by David Letterman. […]

I remember as a little girl looking forward to Staying up Lateto watch these T.V.Specials.The next day my friends and I would talk about Barbras’ outfits,and try and sing her songs. […]

The Colombian
‘My Name Is Barbra’ celebrates its 50thToday marks the 50th anniversary of My Name Is Barbra, the then-22-year-old Barbra Streisand‘s first TV special, which cemented her status as one of the biggest rising stars in show business…. The special had one sponsor, Chemstrand, now known as Monsanto. […]


Barbra Streisand‘s ‘My Name Is Barbra’


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